Tuesday, July 1

Dumping Inventory

On Sunday, I had one more chance to ride the VerDickgo Meatplow V.7 before heading to the Tour de Burg tomorrow.

I spent the day going back and forth as to whether or not to ride with the rigid crabon frok or Rock Shox Pike... it does make me sad to not be able to write about my Fjox fjork anymore.  I love the use of a pointless "j" or two.

It wasn't until yesterday, as the tennis match continued in my head, that I realized if I mounted the squish up front, I'd want to go from a 19 tooth cog to a 20, moving my wheel forward just a bit, the 2.35 would just be clearing the stays (I think), so I would have to consider swapping the tire (or not) which I already convinced myself was THE tire for the Tour... that's too much work and thinking.  Done deal.  Rigid.

The other revelation of the day?

I'm going to have to sell my "cross bike" when I get back from the Tour.


I bought the "cross bike" right after I sold my road bike that was hardly seeing any use...

because road bike cycling serves me no purpose.  I thought at least with the "cross bike," I might be able to jump on that path I see on the side of the road... see where it takes me.  Problem being, I have no desire to ride around this densely populated area looking for paths that will probably end up being less than a half mile long and go pretty much nowhere due to lack of open spaces.

Well then, I kept it thinking maybe I'd participate in a cyclocross race at some point.  It's so well marketed, it looks terribly interesting (when so well documented).

I mean, heading out to a local meadow with your best bros and walking up the side of a steep hill... it appeals to the single speeder in me.

I know that's not what cross is...

It's entry fees that don't seem to jive with 35 minutes of racing, USA Cycling, number plate fees, courses that are both good and bad, lung-heaving efforts... some things I'm into, some I'm not.  Either way, it's been years since I did my last cross race, and when I did... it was on a mountain bike with cross tires, a fixed gear, and no brakes (the last two of which are "against the rules")... under the lights in 20° temps and high winds.  That was fun... and the price reasonable... and the USA Cycling official was absent.  The other time had been even more years ago, and I wore sleeves to comply with other rules I don't understand.

I did use a brake that time... safety first.

The other reason I kept a "cross bike" on the wall was for the Tour de Burg and maybe the Pisgah Monster Cross.  I'd already decided to do the PMC on a mountain bike because I'll be happier that way.  I just don't like the idea of hanging on to that balloon animal-shaped handlebar for that long.  Stupid.  Now that I've decided to skip the road stage at the TdB?

What's the point of the bike now?

The kinda local road rides I do... chutting around with Faster Mustache teammates for thirty odd miles.  I can do those on a tarck bike or my favorite fuck-around do-anything machine, a mountain bike with cross tires, fixed gear, no brakes.  That's the real adventure machine.  It makes boring rides a little less mundane.  I'm so stoked to have this kinda bike back in my life.  It's been two years (I think) since Big Worm broke his Zion and I pulled the Thylacine off the wall, removed its few parts and handed it over.  He's been thrashing it often, and I'm glad to see it getting used properly... but always missed having this bike as an option.

So that's that.  One single speed "cross bike" for sale.  Well spec'ed.  Never raced.  Hardly ridden.  Occasionally tea bagged (I can only assume).  It served its purpose... helping me figure out that I don't need a "cross bike."

Back next week with tales of the Tour de Burg.


Anonymous said...

Just curious. What gearing ratio
do you use for your street riding
in the QC on your "favorite fuck-around do anything machine"?

dicky said...

38X16 with 38c tired

Chris said...

Pretty positive it will be painfully too small since I am 6'1", but what size frame is the SSCX?

bloodpuddle said...

Why does the use of a front squish mean going from 19T to 20T? Extra weight in the bike?

dicky said...

The frame is a 55cm.

Yeah, the extra weight and much more inefficient climbing... and hoisting the front end over ledges.

Rob said...

So the VerDickgo is your main all around trail rig, the DickStickel is your real mountains bike, and the Misfit is your fixed gear? I'm comfused...

Anonymous said...

All in your head.