Friday, July 25

Girthy Issues

Few things, then a few more.

I forgot to mention the one challenge I had with the Maxxis Chronicle 29 X 3.0.

The lower tray on my Raxter rack had trouble accommodating the extra girth.  I'm used to having this kinda problem.

Fortunately, I had a JAMLOC Strap handy, and stability was brought forth unto my world of chaos.

That said, let's talk more about events I'm not doing.

There was a brief moment this week when I thought I was going to the Downieville Classic to do the All Mountain Challenge (or whatever they call it).  This exclusive event sells out quick, and someone had a single speed entry up for grabs.  I looked at flights.  I talked to The Pie.

"When is it," she asked.

"First weekend in August," I replied.

"You mean next week?"

I know that there are things called calendars.  I see many of them in my peripheral almost daily.  I just rarely look directly at them. 

What do you know?  August comes in less than in a week.  I should look at these things more closely... since I'm still thinking about going to SSUSA.

How would things look if I went to Michigan in less than two weeks?

What the... who's in charge of my scheduling?  I hadn't really stepped back and looked at this very closely.  Even after I get back from the Shenandoah 100, two weeks later there's that Pisgah Monster Cross thing I'm dreading... I mean, looking forward to attending... that now has a fixed category (shoot me).

No SSUSA for me.  Sorry, Eastwood.  I know you were looking forward to sharing 38 gassy hours in a car blasting Anthrax the whole time up and back.  You shoulda got me drunkerer... made me sign something legal.
Such a hole between Tour de Burg and The Westward Ho Before Bros Mancation.  I shoulda found something to fill it, something other than ORAMM this Sunday.  I don't want to Michael Jordan that race.  Finish it with some sort of dignity... not my style, but I'll borrow it from someone else. Shame.  I'm light (back under 130lbs this morning) and feeling good.  Bob Moss will win it anyways.  Sour grapes.

So now I have 5.8 vacation days left for the year.  Only event I'm solid on in the last three months of 2014 is Double Dare, another checklist race.  No time off required, unless I fail to live through it.  How long did it take Jesus to rise from the dead?  Maybe I can beat his STRAVA.

So, any ideas for mid-October to December, shoot them my way.  I know about SSCXWC 2014 already... anybody know what time it starts?

Sorry.  Inside joke.  They're all inside jokes in the world(s) of single speeding nowadays.


Anonymous said...

Lisa Randall always makes great race. Strong SS field at this one.

AdamB said...

What would Jesus Strava?

Anonymous said...

Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

colejv said...

This post and me getting fully beat up riding fully rigid on 2.1
inch tires this weekend got me wondering if my 1UPUSA
rack would have this kind of
0.01st world problems I think I'm OK
if not some longer bolts and spacers should solve the issue.