Tuesday, July 15

Pandora's Buffet

Shit.  I mentioned that The Pie went out of town, but perhaps you noticed no mention of Living la Vida Bachelor?  Truth be told, I'm tired and behind.  Things on to-do lists, and maybe even some sleep to catch up on.  I know that last part is beyond the realm of possibility, but I can try.

Last night, it was time to get off the Pisgah mank...

And the Tour de Burg stank.

Energy type drinks do leave a mess.

I hate when blog/facefeeds/twitter spews go overboard in their product endorsements, but...

This stuff just makes it all easier.

I really don't use degreaser on my chain anymore.  Chain Shine makes quicker work of this mess.  I'd show you the after photo, but it just looks like a clean chain.  Something like this, but blurrier.

Enough of that.

Since I had already slathered myself in bug spray (mosquitoes will swarm me if I stand still for more than a second... and anything short of a dead sprint is considered standing still) and I already had the bucket and hose out, I went ahead and washed my car.  I'm not a car guy, but it was starting to look like a science experiment.  Sort of a "What would happen if I mix bug guts, pollen, tree sap, dirt from five states and spilled beers and exposed it to sunlight for three months?" kinda thing.

I think I'm done being productive for the week.  Tonight, I will see if I can ride an entire Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride without:

a. getting bored by the lack of beer... and riding (no star gazing this time, please)

b. forming a mutiny and heading to Hooters

I'm sure some of you expect me to mention this:

Contador's mysteriously broken frame.  I know all bikes break.  I don't care that this bike was made from Tupperware (the same Tupperware my rigid frok, crank and handlebars are made from).  I just like the swirling consipracies and changing storyline, best summarized here:
Seriously.  Such a shit storm caused by the rush to make sure this thing caused by the frenzy to not make it look like it looked.  And Specialized.  Why does it have to be Specialized, the whipping boy of social media bike nerds?

It doesn't help that when one does a search for "Contador stage 10 crash video," this is what you get:

WTF?  Nothing.  Nada.  I can't find one short clip of the wreck, and I looked for all of like six minutes this morning.  I would believe any one story, as long as it was just one.

There's only one way to solve this.

I've made a few phone calls.  When Jesse "The Body (and serious journalist)" Ventura gets back to me, I'll let you know.

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