Monday, August 11

Airborne Illness

Plan for a Sunday ride... that will probably get rained out.  Wake up Saturday and head to the dentist.  On the way there, Kürdt FacePosts that there's a plan cooking to ride the BYT before the rain starts. 

There are trails open and I'm going to the dentist?

I gotta get outta here.

Mouth open, hygienist doing what she does, phone in my pocket starts blowing up.  A pause in the tooth picking and I look at my phone.  Gordon Sizemore has escaped and The Pie can't stick around to look for him.  Plans changing constantly.  Was mentally preparing my gear for a ride and now I'm going through the necessary steps for neighborhood animal rescue.  Hygienist says something looks "ominous," dentist agrees... I'm gonna have to come back for some more poking and drilling.  Meh.

Get home, prepare to gather SPD shoes, leash and a bike.  There's the sexy, sizzlin' man himself standing on the back porch.  I guess he still likes his home.  I stop to pet him, but sternly, because even though he can be a shit, I still love him.

Change gears and get back into the mountain bike cycle ride mindset.  Call Bill Nye, scoop him from one location, his bike from the next, and head to BYT.

Bill Nye and his new Devinci Atlas... his first ride on a full suspension bike EVER.  Also wonderfully prepared for hunting season.

Plod around, Kürdt riding with GPS device to map out possible routes for this year's Back Yard Experience brought to you by Faster Mustache.  Stop the electronical device to session, of course.

Kürdt shows how it's done.

I show how it could be done if one were slightly intimidated by the thought of overshooting the lander with a rigid crabon frok.  I had so much fun with the Maxxis Chronicle that I'm seriously leaning towards leaving it on for the Shenadoah Mountain 100... despite the 200+ gram weight penalty.  13.something PSI for those that want to know that type of information.  It changes things.... big time.

Bill Nye shows how it should be done on a brand new bike that you're not familiar with when you've had no sleep, only ate a handful of yogurt covered raisins for breakfast, and have no desire to get hurt five days before a big trip to Colorado.  The bike was built the day before, suspension adjusted in his living room.  He'll grow into it.  I'll turn this multi-sport outdoorsman into a mountain biker if it kills me (or him).

More riding, philosophizing, and head scratching.  Foot down comp in the tech section that did not determine a World Champion.

More play time.

Kürdt's head may be in the clouds, but his left calf (and heart) is always in the Pisgah National Forest.

Glad I got one more ride on the Vertigus thick'ish bike.  The SM100 should at least be a different experience, which is about all I can hope for... Dicky Deep podium perhaps.  Doubt I have shot at breaking nine hours which would be my only goal... assuming I was one to have goals... which I'm not.

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Will Repsher said...

What a sucker I was, all this time thinking that you hang out with Bill Nye TSG.