Friday, September 19


Taking a slight break from all (most) things bike, we celebrated Sexy Sizzlin' Sizemore's one year anniversary last night.

365 days ago, The Pie carried a nine pound sack of bones into our house.  He couldn't walk or stand, but he could wag his tail... pretty much the thing that kept him from being euthanized when they found him in the hoarding situation he was literally stuck in.

Photo taken obviously after he was able to stand again.

He's a happy, albeit lumpy, boy.  Shy and skittish when he first moved in, now sleeping in the bed... pretty much wherever he wants.

He's still a little leery of coughing and falling objects, but he has a strange toothy smile and wags with his entire body... especially when it comes to cupcakes.

Don't worry. We did not deprive Maggie, the Oldest Dog in the World.

Found as a puppy in 1998, still getting around and doing things dogs do.

So yeah, mountain biking in actual mountains tomorrow... I think.  On trails as opposed to 70 miles of gravel and pave'.

Don't tell Bill Nye, but I'm bringing the Vertigus.  He'll be on that couch cushion of a bike of his.  I've yet to have the 3.0 Chronicle west of the White Water Center here in Charlotte.  I want to know what 29X3.0 at 13PSI can do in the real world.  Too lazy to swap from a Charlotte friendly gear for one day... gonna practice pushing my bike in order to get ready for the Double Dare.

Expect many images of Bill Nye standing next to his bike doing nothing interesting on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Great photos!! Good on the Pie for her Canine'itarian work.

I figured you for a Cassette Tower guy, not CD's.

1speed said...

What you folks have done for that pup is awesome. Cheers to you and your family!

steven said...

God bless you and the pie for taking care of the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fat bike . . . which of which you said you'd never ride. Skinny on a fatty.

Anonymous said...

Bless the pie. She is beautiful and kind.