Monday, September 29

I Tried

Friday.  Tried to make it to my first ever Critical Mass.  The first one in Charlotte was... oh, I don't know.  1999?  I've been slack.  Pre-beer and roll outta the house at 7:00.  Meet Bill Nye at the Common Market.  Beers are had.  He gets us another round at 7:55.  The Mass rolls out at 8:00... without us.  They're headed to the Birdsong Brewery.  We'll just meet them there.

By the time this is over...

I decide it's time to head home.  I'm never very good at navigating after dark from NoDa to my house using practical routes.  I always end up semi-lost.  Tonight is no different.  Navigating by phone, I slip a pedal on the coaster.

Not sure if the best decision was riding in flip flops or replacing the stock plastic pedals to Bear Traps.

Saturday.  Wake up.  Wait for a family friendly window.  Make a break for the Whitewater Center.  Casual solo lap of the fun stuff... maybe twice down the Tower #93 jump line.  Back home safe.  No flip flop related mayhem.

Alarm on Sunday.  Meet with Hubs and Doug to walk the new pinned addition at the Backyard Trails.  Keep my wits about me, one eye out for chiggers and the other for aggressive geese.

Trounce around in the poison ivy and holly bush (joy!) for an hour and a half.  Massage a couple turns.  Much nodding and chin stroking.  It will be a fine addition... once it actually exists.

Back in the parking lot to meet up with Stabby, Eric Van Driver, and Mason.  Grab the bike and go.  Mason eyeballs some jumps.  I accidentally pee on my hand.  Fantasizing about full suspension whenever I'm ripping the short descents.  Eric falls asleep waiting for us to get done playing on a jump line.

Go home and don't watch the Red Bull Rampage as planned.  It's been postponed until tonight due to rain during the scheduled qualifiers.   Watch Where the Trail Ends on Netflix to satiate my need to see young people slay the gnar.

And even though I wouldn't ride 90% of what they did in the movie, I feel the desire for squish and silliness.  I hope I get better soon.


Doug said...

having impure squishy thoughts? me too. all the full squish singlespeeds I've seen are kinda hack jobs, but could be kewl nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Gears are next. I hear 1 X 11 is all the rage.