Thursday, September 4

Thinking of a Master Plan

It is time.  Time for a new plan to replace the old plan that was a plan to not plan at all.  Nine days until the Pisgah Monster Cross.  I came up with half a plan already, a somewhat secret plan in that Bill Nye and Jordan already know about it.  They're in the circle of trust, so they won't spill any beans. It probably won't work anyways.

My goal is to not feel like shit.  Lofty, I know.  That and hopefully not get beat by fellow Faster Mustache rider and shit talker, Nick "Dip n Spray" Barlow, AKA: Sex Legs, The Face of Chaos.  He is young like toddler, strong like bull, painted like canvas.

He's fast on the climbs, like a ginger version of Nairo Quintana.

Fortunately, he descends like a ginger version of Nairo Quintana as well.

To beat him, I'll have to use my old man legs, race experience, and ability (and his inability) to not go to Snug Harbor the night before the race looking for P in the V action.  As far as nemeses go, he's about the best I can do.  Bob Moss is going to just crush all comers in the single speed field with some silly gear that doesn't make sense to human peoples.  Unless Bob Moss shows up missing a leg, I'm not even gonna try to hang with him.

So much climbing, so much riding so near all the pretty trails that are in the woods...

Most of all, I need to finish the race.  I want to finally sew the Monster Cross patch on my travel messenger bag that Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever gave to me in advance of the 2012 event that I never made it to because my elderly dog went all pseudo-strokey on me the morning of the race.

That and stay in the King of Pisgah Series... because I promised myself I would.

So many strong riders right behind me.  So many of them will be rocking gears and proper gravel grinding equipment as well.  I expect to drop faster than a monotone FBI agent without a parachute.

This weekend, I gotta ride.  More longerer than I have been going locally.  Saddle time being more important than heading to the Backyard Trails looking for geek air time.  Maybe even sort my bike out a week ahead of time and make sure it works before I try to race on it.


Probably not.

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