Thursday, October 9

It's My Big Day!

Messenger Appreciation Day today.  Only my 17th celebrated on the job since I started in November '96, walked away in August '97, and came back in December of the same year.  Never shoulda taken that job with the tie and dress slippers...


Maybe I'll get a "Fun-Sized" bag of M&M's again today.  Maybe a Dicky-size bag.

Now that's my idea of "fun."

It's the time of year when the acorns fall into College Street, and if I run over them just right, they shoot into the side of the car traveling next to me.  The time when temps are pleasant 95% of the day and people break out their North Face puffy vests and Uggs.  A time I did not get to enjoy the first year of my "career," but one that I bask in the glory of ever since.

The time of year when people say, "I'd love to have your job today."

To which the inner Bill Burr in me wants to say, "I'd hate to have your job any day.  Seriously.  I'd probably kill myself."

Despite the pleasant morning temps, early pre-work bonus miles are pretty much over.  Those four work days when I was in charge of dogs?  I wasn't going to do anything that would extend their indoor time and raise my risks of having to deal with urine/fecal contamination when I got home.  A four day break and I have little to no desire to get back in step with only the Double Dare hanging over my head in a little over a week.

Yes, the Wilkes 100K is six days later.  "Training" would be the furthest thing from my mind that week.  I imagine there will be some crying in the fetal position, beer, sleep, overeating, wavering in my commitment to show up for the event and a certain sense of malaise in regards to life and breathing in general after putting Double Dare behind me... successful or not.

So looking forward to finally "completing" that race in a manner that knocks it off the to-do list.

But not really looking forward to it at all.

As promised, more squish bike talk tomorrow.

I'd stay clear from uptown Charlotte around noon today.  Traffic will probably be pretty bad, what with the parade and all.

BTW:  If you're in the Queen City and making a day trip out to the Red Bull Dreamline Saturday (and want company), hit me up.  I haz ticket, no plan, and I'm pretty sure my homies are overnighting the deal.  I wanna go, but not so badly that I'm gonna drive up, watch rubber people jump bikes (sober), and drive home alone (also possibly blowing a decent riding window).

This looks neat, but if I have to stand around the Oskar Blues Reeb Ranch watching it without a beer in my hand...

What's the point?  Might as well do a nearby six hour race or ride locally and work on my muffin top.  Peanut M&M's aren't going to eat themselves.


Otto Fellatio said...


Chris said...

Do 6BC. Beer is allowed since it isn't a county park and all. And you can stop at Carolina Brewery and pick up a growler just south of 64 on 15-501. <10 min from the race.

dicky said...

Saying "beer is allowed" at a race two hours from my house is like saying "cocaine is available."

It doesn't entice me unless someone else is driving.

Chris said...

I'll ask around about the cocaine and designated drivers.