Monday, October 6

Ouch... I think

The past four days have been a blur.  It's been pretty much this the whole time:

Get yourself one, dickweed... at The Hub/Pisgah Tavern
Figuratively and at times, literally scrambling.

I could attempt to break down the majority of the details, and mebbe I get to something later, but I slept in this morning to recover a little.  Aside from taking a quiet night at home to recharge Saturday night, it's been go, go, go.

Bags under my eyes today.  Hydration and more sleep tonight.  I hate being old, but I need to get all things in order before The Pie and Nia return from their triumphant ten miler success in Florida.  Apparently laundry does not do itself.


Rob said...

did you "rent" your next bike yet?

dicky said...