Thursday, October 30

Share the Wisdom Wednesdays (on Thursdays): Part One

So I wanted to do Share the Wisdom Wednesdays on Wednesdays, but as you know, I inconsistently take Wednesdays off to sleep in (assuming The Oldest Dog in the World decides to take the day off from her early morning pacing as well).  What I plan to do with this is share with the class all the things I've learned from the 2014 "season."  A little bit product review,  possible endorsements or thumbs-downings, helpful advice, things I hope to avoid/do in 2015, or whatever else... until I can exhaust my resources or run out of resolve to follow through with anything close to a theme.  I give it three weeks at best.

I posted up about the "whys" and "hows" of acquiring my new Mavic Fury shoes at the end of July.  I've now had them for three months.  I've worn them for my Colorado/Utah vacation, the Shenandoah Mountain 100, Pisgah Monster Cross, and Wilkes 100k (and a handful of shorter rides).  Many hours of constant wear.  Enough to form an opinion (in my opinion).

They hurt me.  Maybe my feet just can't handle the crabon soles.  Dunno.  Just bummed, as these have so much in common with the best shoes I've ever had (aside from their frailty), I thought these would be the ticket.  Sharp pains, feeling as if the shoes were filling with my own blood.  I don't know how so many other people are making these work. Keep in mind, this isn't hike-a-bike related pain.  There was little to no walking at those last two events, yet the fire was lit under the balls of my feet after about three hours.

In all fairness, I'm gonna keep riding them for shorter rides hoping that at some point they "break in."  Two to three hour rides are not as much of a problem pain-wise.  Anything with hike-a-bike?  My foot pulls outta the heel cup, I assume because the sole isn't flexing with my feet.  Otherwise, the fit is perfect.  *sigh*

In the meantime, if I can't readily find a replacement, I think I'll get one more year outta these if I have to:

Way too flexy after everything they've been through, and Sidi has totally redesigned this model (vomit) since I bought them in 2010.   They have no equal.  I like some of the other Sidi shoes out there, but without the SRS sole... they'll be dead after one "season."  Fortunately, I had one more pair of SRS replacement soles in my possession. 

Good as new, aside from the $20 (SRSLY) metatarsus pads I decided to not replace, the worn-out flexiness, and the patch I put on two years ago.

29" compatible
There is hope that the 2015 version of this shoe will solve all my problems.

I picked up a pair of the Pearl Izumi X-Project 1.0 shoes (in a colorway that would make a dog puke) from "someone" on the cheap, figuring that worst case scenario, they'd end up as work shoes.  Size 43, bit on the tight side, good for warmer weather, but when I need to go with wool socks, I'll have to revert to wearing the roomier Shoes of a Thousand Dead Corpses.

I more or less wanted to check out the walkability of these shoes for myself.  It's pretty good... enough so that I'm anxiously waiting for these to hit the shelves at the LBS (in size 43.5):

photo cred: Flow Mountain Bike
Sadly, nothing in white available in the 1.0, but it addresses my one issue with the 2014 version and apparently goes well with beer. The heel cup retention is the absolute best I've ever felt, even with the straps barely tightened.  So hopeful...

There you have it.  The first ever Share the Wisdom Wednesdays (on Thursdays).  Not so sure if it was much of a thing, but since it's the off-"season," it's gonna have to do.

I have an early morning dentist appointment tomorrow to empty one of my pockets that was full of dollars, so no more bloggage until Monday...

When hopefully I'll be able to sort out all the happenings at this weekend's Backyard ExperiencePre-reg closes tonight at 11:00PM, so if you plan on going, save yourself $10 and get in now.  Beer,  racing, food, prizes... you'll get your $25 worth and then some.


Registration for the Six Hours of Warrior Creek opens at 9:00AM on Saturday.  It will fill stupid fast.  Set the alarm for 8:30, start the coffee, grab your Pop Tarts, register, poop, and then head over to The Backyard Experience.  If you aren't able to poop, don't worry.  We'll have a fresh (until 9:07) port-a-potty on sight.


John Parker said...

at least none of the ones you are looking at have laces....

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to mike piazza?

dicky said...

"... until I can exhaust my resources or run out of resolve to follow through with anything close to a theme. I give it three weeks at best."

Themes and consistency... not my bag, baby.

He sits next to my monitor doing absolutely nothing useful all day long.

Chris said...

Gaerne models all available in white. Sadly they don't have the rubber inserts for the heel anymore, but heel still locked in and surprisingly my preference over Sidi Dominator if HAB is predicted, even with the crabon sole. Metal buckles that don't shatter on rocks. Kinda pricey though, but you prob have connections