Friday, October 24

That thing I said... yeah, maybe forget that.

Yesterday, I said I would contradict myself.  Here we go.

I pretty much blame these for my problem.

Two Silos and a Titan Tank from Nuclear Sunrise.   They showed up at work the other day.

They got me to thinking about all the things I would do differently if I ever raced Double Dare again.  Things I would tweak, change, leave out or heavily reconsider.  These things could make a world of difference and with a few more changes... ?

Then I saw Zac in the courthouse later in the day.  I expressed my enthusiasm about the hows and whats and stupid ideas.  His face lit up and stupidity came from his largest facehole as well.

I went into the Double Dare in the most half-assed of manners with the bar set almost as low as possible.  With more preparation, I could easily increase my ass factor by two... maybe three.  A total of a possible 1.5 asses.  I will not share with the class, as these things would be done in the name of making great bike race, and showing my hand 361 days before the event would not do me any good.

So do I sign up for the King of Pisgah again, totally going against everything I've been saying all year long?  Perhaps.  The Monster Cross will most certainly be the last thing I want to do again (except the Faster Mustache Drink ALL the Beer After-Party was pretty fun), and I'm pretty sure I won't be any better equipped for gravel racing a year from now.  If the 111k/55.5k weekend is still 6 days before the Trans-Sylvania Epic again?

That's what killed me last year.  Tossed my laundry all over the room, it did.

I know the race is about more than just sticking stuff hither and tither on your bike and person.  It would also be more than a nervous grab of gear a couple nights before and some rash decisions made at the grocery store.

I'm gonna masticate on things for awhile before I decide to swallow another one of Eric's jagged little pills.

But I'm thinking about it.

Oh well.  Tomorrow is the Wilkes 100k... which will more than likely serve me up plenty of dark quitty thoughts and sads with occasional woops, hollers and braaps.  Things in the plus column, things in the minus.  I'll do the math later.

Looking forward to riding this bike in go-fasty mode and drooling all over myself for 4.5-5 hours.

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