Tuesday, November 4

Backyard Cleansing

I ran outta time yesterday.  Things I woulda liked to have said, but didn't because I had to run around and find my "winter commuter fashion-wear" instead of typing more words.

All the BYE images coming at you, credit goes to Nik Fedele.

Thanks to all the racers, who despite the shitty weather forecast, came anyways.  We were rewarded with a dry day (as far as things falling from the sky) and trail conditions that were reported as "not that bad."  I hope everybody feels like they got their money's worth.

Thanks to all the volunteers and spectators.  Once again, the weather was bleak, and you came anyways.   This wouldn't happen without yinz.

Thanks to the Tarheel Trailblazers and specifically Hubbs for being down with our event.  We'll be going out soon to see if there's any damage that needs to fixed.   When they took the course tape down on Sunday, the reports sounded optimistic.

Thanks to Sheridan for letting us use his house, yard, electricity, and fire pit... and like a billion other things (I'm pretty sure I washed out his Cats coffee mug after I used it).

Thanks to all the sponsors for the swag and food and beer and tents and stuff.

Jim Tonyan: Olde Mecklenburg Brewery poster boy

Thanks to the dreamers of Faster Mustache for pulling something like this together.  It's a team effort, and a whole lot goes into this kinda thing.  I'm always amazed that (from the outside) it looks like some responsible adults organized our event.

Not all the dreamers in the photo... just the better looking ones.

I think that's enough.

Oobla dee, oobla da.  Life goes on.

My back.  The Wilkes 100k put it in a bad place.  That's really my fault.  Whatever.  The next day I did trail work to get things ready for the BYE and did "something funny" trying to carry a piece of lumber too heavy for a person my size (Burton would just say I carried it improperly).  Then, as the human body does, other muscles tried to compensate for the injured parts, and thusly, more pain in more places.  Then a week at work that was busier than normal (natch) and then carrying way too much beer on my back for way too long on Saturday?

I'm a bit of a mess.  So happy that the hardest part of the year is over.  Time to relax. 

Clean bikes.

Clean room.

Time to truly kick back and be thankful for things and stuff.


Jarz said...

Yinz...are you from pittsburgh?

dicky said...

Northeast Ohio... but my grandparents are from Jimtown, PA. They're my yinzer roots.

Will Repsher said...

Clean bikes, Clean room and from here looks like the dog is licking itself clean too!

dicky said...

Yes, I was photo-bombed by The Oldest Dog in the World self-fellating... which is the only thing she lives for.