Friday, November 21

Hangover Meds

Big weekend starts tonight.

The fun begins at 6:00PM with the Three Year Anniversary and "Shop-Warming" Party at The Spoke Easy.

New location closer to my house which means life got more betterer without me having to do anything... which is how I like it.  Saturday will be devoted to recovering from said event (with leaf removal activities) and hopefully getting ready for the Queen City Cyclo Ross race in right here in Charlotte.

I've been studying the course map...

And I think I will make my move at the head of the Zombie Snoopy section.

That is assuming I actually race.  My back is still not 100% and the idea of going full throttle'esque for 30-45 minutes whilst leaping and bounding?  Questionable.  I have until 8:00PM Saturday night to make the decision.  Regardless of my participation, I'm still going to attend, drink shitty beer, and cheer people as they plunge into the sandpit at full speed and then feel sorta awkward when they get really injured and need to go to the hospital.

The folks at Carborocket (hard for me to not type "Craborocket")...

wanted me to have the best chance at success this weekend.

Rehab... "Brkfst-on-go" or "the best tasting, fastest working recovery drink on the planet," and Rocketlytes... "Hangover Meds" or "a unique formulation of cramp killing electrolytes and stomach soothing peppermint and ginger."

I'm a firm believer that the best recovery food is a burrito, a novelty-sized 32oz Dos Equis, and four baskets of tortilla chips, but sometimes that may not be convenient.  The next best thing is a recovery drink since all you need is a packet of powder, some water and a vessel in which to mix it all up.  When I actually care about not feeling like shit, it's the way to go.

As far as electrolyte capsules go, I've always been one to take them after hard efforts when I feel like I mighta missed the mark with my electrolytes during the event... or when I went a little too hard in the paint the night before and still have to race again the next day (see Trans-Sylvania Epic 2010-2014).

So yeah, essentially hangover meds.

Crabo... I mean Carborocket feels so good about my chances this weekend that they even sent a top level douchedom podium hat for my upcoming 40+ Cat 4/5 glory moment.

That's me, under the giant softball hat.  I was told the value goes down if I take off the sticker.

Who am I kidding?  If I go, I'll have to race single speed, lest Dahn Pahrs makes me feel bad no matter the outcome.  I'm either the guy who beat a bunch of 40+ Cat 5 ability racers or the guy who got beat by them.  At least if I race single speed, I'll get to say hello to my life coach, Wes Richards, every time he laps me.

As Matt McFee recently reminded me, it's not that I want to win, it's just that I don't want to see anyone do better than me.

Most people. Not all... but definitely most

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