Tuesday, November 25

Queen City Cyclo Ross Mud and Stuff

I didn't race.  I was sad.  Conditions were perfect (for cross).  Epoch. 

I cheered and took pictures.  Otherwise, I have no words other than make " #creepybabyhand a thing."

BTW:  #creepbabyhand is missing.

From the owner.  "Please return.  No questions asked."

I'm off until Monday.  Tonight we are letting go of The Oldest Dog in the World.  I'll miss her, but I've been missing her for years.  They said we would be lucky if she lived past five. 

It was a good sixteen years.  Who won that one?

Now as you were...


Big E said...

Sorry for your guy's loss. We just had to do that with our dog (She was 15 years old) not quite a month ago. It was time, but still hard... You east coaster's version of a cross course slip-n-slide is entertaining. Even with the gratuitous muddy ass porn.

BigRedClydesdale said...

Sorry for your loss.

Great pics. The big green cowboy hat gave me a chuckle; seems like it should be mandatory at every cx event!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your dog. I know what you meant about missing her for years.

You really should have had more photos in this post.

Norcal Chris said...

Sorry for the loss of TODITW, very hard to say a final goodbye to a friend you've had for that long.

Dogs are the best.

Hope you enjoy the long weekend.

Anonymous said...

i'm tired of saying good by.

Muddy Buddy!