Tuesday, December 30


I mean tinkering.  Finally worked out the DT Swiss sküer/ENVE frok incompatibru issues last week.

I sent an email to Paragon Machine Works asking them to please measure the sküer for me, since they keep them in stock.  They fulfilled my request, it was 1.5mm longer than the stock ENVE sküer, I ordered it, and it worked.  Not much of a story there, other than the fact that the DT Swiss employee that said:

"Thru-axles are not interchangeable. You need to use the one that Enve includes with their fork. As far as we know, our RWS thru-axle is not compatible on other forks."

was just a little wrong.   By "a little," I mean "totally." No hard feelings though.  They make the best sküers regardless of what anyone says.

In heart-breaking news, this did happen:

The last of its kind (in my possession), a bracket for mounting a Mountain Pipe mini-pump under the bottle cage.  I had two of them, then one, now none.  This is how I've carried a 25gram CO2 cartridge for years, part of my two step plan for flats.  The cartridge under my saddle is intended to be used when putting in a tube, but this one is for quick refills after plugging a tire.

The resulting dilemma was how do I carry my second CO2 cartridge in a secure yet aesthetically pleasing manner?  I have a few X-Mounts, and although they are plenty secure, they bother my eyes.  I tried to recycle the broken pump mount, but no amount of zip-ties used in a tidy manner would hold it in securely place.

Then I remembered that I had a couple Cartridge Cross mounts hiding somewhere...

an item it looks like Genuine Innovations doesn't make anymore.  Holds up to four cartridges... three more than I would probably ever care to lug around.  Thick and somewhat dorky looking, I drilled out the holes so it would fit flush to my frame and not sit up on the bottle bosses which stick out from the frame.

And then got stupider.

Yeah, I cut one side off... because... burrito.

No way to secure the inflator head.  Everything I could think of, the head won't be able to unthread from the mount.  Sads.  It's going on the cartridge under my saddle, and I'll just use the inflator in my Tülbag (yes, I carry two inflator heads because I'm paranoid) if I'm using a tire plug.

Sigh.  Nothing's perfect, except peanut M&M's.

Currently have nothing for Share the Wisdom Wednesdays (on Thursdays).  It may not make it into 2015.   Accepting ideas, proposals and notions now.


Anonymous said...

Share your infinite wisdom about the recent lawsuit posted on mtbr.

Anonymous said...

How do you:
1) Maintain employment as bike messenger.
2) Set priority for self and family of multiple bike purchases and/or room in home exclusively for bikes.
3) Set priority for self and family of constant travel to both race and just ride.
4) Maintain the energy and focus to blog regularly.

Anonymous said...

How to get your bike clean in a jiffy.

Anonymous said...

more 2015 articles on bike garb for non-summer MTB riding with specifics to rides with mixed singletrack and fire roads, or exclusively fire roads or exclusively singletrack.

or better yet...

1. How to beat ones addiction to MTB SS
2. How to justify selling all ones other bicycles so one can upgrade ones 2005 GF Rig rigid SS to a Ti framed Crabon forked rocket.
3. How to beat ones addiction to this well written blog.