Monday, January 5


It's that time of year.

Time to pin last year's plates to the wall and focus on 2015.  Doesn't look like much, but being that the King of Pisgah plate represents five events with about 40-50 hours on the bike... I sure felt busy.

Things I'm already committed to:

January:  The Icycle Cross Country and Night Downhill.  Neither being my forte, but a spectacular time of riding bikes and drinking beer in the woods without a cell phone signal.

April:  6 Hours of Warrior Creek.  Haven't missed one yet.  Not starting now.  Duo single speed with Faster Mustache teammate, Colin Rohde.

May:  PMBAR (of course) with Zac again.  Another adventure in the woods... and this year, the Trace Ridge area is once again open after some logging, so it should be a nice shake up from the last few years.

Pisgah 111k/55.5.  I'm signed up for The King of Pisgah again.  Will I do the whole series again or see how it plays out like I did in 2012?  Dunno.  The way that PMBAR, 111k, 55.5k, and TSE fell on the calendar last year is happening again.  That's a lot of hours in the saddle in less than a month, and I'm already signed up for the Trans-Sylvania Epic.  Bill Nye is coming with me, and as of right now, I'm not sure if Athlete Dicky or Vacation Dicky plans on showing up

And then there's nothing for more than TWO MONTHS.

Nothing in June (yet).

Nothing in July (yet).  The Tour de Burg dates were announced yesterday, July 1-5.  Two days off work for five days of punishing racing.  I still don't have anything that even closely resembles a road bike, so my desire to do all the days?   Still not quite there.

August: Breck Epic.  So stoked to go back.  Not entirely sure why I skipped it last year, although I did make it out there in time to enjoy the Dance Party/Fart Contest Stage Seven.  We've got a solid Charlotte crew, a great place to stay... should be awesome.

Sept/Oct:  Of course, being registered for the King of Pisgah means I'm doing Monster Cross and Double Dare again... unless I don't.

And that's it so far.   Not sure what else to do.  Those holes in the middle of summer sure need filled, and I'd love to do something with that post-stage race fitness I'll have two or three times this year.

As always, suggestions will be considered.  Excuses offered.


DRB said...

Summer Series.... clearly right up your alley.

Anonymous said...

Iron Mountain 100k June 28th, 2015

dicky said...

Iron Mountain is something I've wanted to do pretty bad. Skipped it last year as it was days before TdB (another trip days later back to the same area). Wish it was still a mid-July event. Used to conflict with ORAMM prep, but now that I don't do it...

If I skip TdB, I will highly consider it.

Anonymous said...

How about taking things to the next level? I suggest the Colorado Trail Race in July.

dicky said...

That does not appeal to me in so many ways (except the bike riding part).

Anonymous said...

One of the three Michaux Endurance Series.

Anonymous said...

Why are you always asking people to fill your holes?

Riot said...

Summer Solstice 24HR up in Ontario Canada ('s in June)