Friday, January 23

Putting the "I" in Icycle

In the poetic words of Deb Morgan, shit a brick and fuck me with it.

After a week that started with two mountain bike rides sans sleeves, the weather is going to the bad... just in time for The Icycle.

Some would say that's just classic Icycle weather.  I would like to punch those some in the dick.

Others might mention that this weather is nothing compared to (insert name of a state that I would never consider living in) right now.  I would like to give them the same treatment.

We're going to be enjoying some sloppy conditions.  No way around it.  I sit here looking at the piles of clothes and gear I have assembled on the bike room floor, and I see a future of intense clean up. 

All for what will amount to about 15-16 miles of actual racing, lotsa standing around outside holding a beer, and less than 48 total hours time away from Charlotte.


Stay away from the bad place Friday night.  I want to at least feel semi-human for the XC race start on Saturday.

Stay away from the bad place after the XC race.  I want to be sober enough to make a few practice runs on the DH course before it gets dark AND actually make my start time as opposed to throwing in the towel long before darkness settles in.  Not buying Mad Dog at a convenience store on the way to Fontana Village will go a long ways in the achievement of that goal.

And that's all I got.  That and to not over eat, wrestle anyone without their permission, worsen my back issues, or lose my keys or phone (I've lost my keys twice, my phone once).

It feels good to have goals in life.


BigRedClydesdale said...

*dons jock strap*

That is nothing compared to what we get in Ontario. :D

I was leery at first but mountain biking in the winter is a lot of fun. The snow changes everything; just riding on nearby trails is a different adventure every time, depending on ice and snow conditions.

Just have to know how to dress, and pack some bad ass tires.

And have an appreciation for beard icicles!

dicky said...

I'm from the snow belt region of Ohio (13 miles south of Lake Erie).

Riding in the winter in NC > riding in the winter in OH

Anonymous said...

Damn, I thought you single speeders are supposed to be tough!

Dave Rattigan said...

I just used that > greater than equation in some code I'm writing at work.
Wife unit has family in Virgina and after I showed her the pics you had of last weekend's ride in sleeveless she want to move down there from NH. She's used to me riding my Moonlander fatty with artic clothing.

Dave Rattigan said...

to N.C.

BigRedClydesdale said...

I'm NE of Lake Ontario. Gotta love lake effect snow.

No really, you got to. Or you lose your damn mind. Or move away.