Monday, January 12

Sorry. You come back tomorrow.

Due to unpredictable rains and very possible damage to the roots of heritage trees and squirrel habitat, today's blog post has been postponed until tomorrow.  Sorry for the inconvenience (not really*).

photo cred: Colt McElwaine
But really, this decision shouldn't affect anyone.  It's not like you have real lives you need to get back to.  You're "athletes."

PSA time:  PMBAR registration opens at noon today.  This means two things:

If you want into PMBAR, be on your computers TODAY.

If you want into the King of Pisgah, do it before noon.  Once PMBAR sells out (and it will, quick), there's no way to get into the KOP.

*"USAC VP Micah Rice stands by not needing a test event for Nationals at Zilker Park."

BTW: Asheville is cross tested, mother approved.  See you in 2016.

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muddy buddy!