Tuesday, March 3

Molar of that to come

I said that I might talk more about the Wheels to the Farm event.

So yeah.

First, let me mention that that the Backcountry Research store is open once again, and straps, Tülbags and whatnot are available again.  Looks like the big move is over (or at least enough to start cranking out more product).  What's new for 2015? I dunno.. yet.  Gonna try to find out.

Wheels to the Farm.  I loved it.  I started mountain biking back in Ohio in the way early '90s, and 50-70% of the riding we did was on scabby, private property crossing, railroad track poaching, ATV rut infested, drug needle littered, no dumping allowed, never designed for a mountain bike "trails."  That was all we had in the immediate area, so that's what we did.  The biggest challenges we had were steep ravines and mud bogs (and tetanus).  We didn't know any better, and we didn't much care. Ohio FTW.

So getting to race on stuff that had much more in common with my roots than anything close to modern MTB trails?  Groovy.  Not to mention hanging out with like minded individuals, beer, burritos in the woods, multiple mass starts to get the nerves jacked, friendly competition... followed by a party of epic proportions? 

photo cred: Courtney McDonald
Honestly one of the best days on a bike with friends.

So that is why I wholly suggest that anyone that can make it to the Tour duh Charlotte at the end of the month do so.

I assure you that at some point during the day, you'll be somewhere on the face of this earth you've never been before.  More than likely, at least three places you didn't even know existed.

And as always, there will be food, beer, food, beer... bikes.   $35 for all that, and if you wanna just tag along for the whole thing and enjoy ALL the beer and ALL the food (not just for racers), $20 gets you more than your money's worth of party pacing.

I would say that it's an event like none other, but now that there's one going down in Atlanta... it's like one other.


The price will go up on "day of," so keep that in mind while you're sitting on the fence.

So get off your ass and come down here

Cause Rock N' Roll ain't no riddle, man

To me it makes good, good sense

Good Sense.


DRB said...

And it comes in a convenient stand up tube. That's helpful

Anonymous said...

It is contained within a standup comes in a box.

-Patrick Harrington