Thursday, March 26

My Junk is Strong

This is a junk pile:

This is a junkyard:

This is a junk mile:

Selene says there's no such thing as a "junk mile."  I beg to differ.

I wrote a lot more but then deleted it.  I know my miles are junk, but they're my junk.  I don't like my junk.  I don't hate my junk.  I just collect it and do whatever I can with it.

And look what you can make outta junk:

I rest my case.

Pre-registration for the Tour duh Charlotte ends tonight.

If you wait until the day of to register, you're throwing away $10.  If you have that kinda money to waste, I suggest you register online today and give me your spare money on Saturday when you see me.  I will buy beer with your money and then we can share that beer.



Max Smith said...

What gearing do you typically run on the fastest bike in the world?

dicky said...

Winter = 48X19
Spring = 48X18
Summer + 48X17

and then swap back to winter gears after the "Season" is over

Anonymous said...

wish I could cross the border, I would go to that race in heartbeat...

looks cool!

junk miles eh, every mile counts...