Friday, March 6

The Man with One and a Half Brains

Getting my shit in a row for all the big time Pisgüh racing coming up in less than two months.

A fjork of lesser than 150mm... because I don't wanna lug that Pike around.  Also because I no haz enough brake line for something molar biggerer.  Blame the ENVE frok and it's no "round the backside" cable routing which makes for tidier swappage.

I do miss my tiny little ENVE fender.  I was thinking about doing something like this:

But I only think it would be cool if I used a pink latex tube.  And I don't have one.  And I'm not going to buy one just to do this.  I'm stupid, but I'm not stupid.

Yeah, a Rock Shox Sid World Cup Blackbox BRAIN equipped 95mm travel (because an even hundred would be five too much) fjork with some goofy looking rubber o-ring on top of the crown to take away all the sexy.

Because the price was right, the travel was in a good neighborhood, and if I hate the BRAIN cartridge, I can swap it out for something normal'ish.  I think the BRAIN will be fine, being that I can turn it off and on from the top, which basically makes it a lockout with an on-the-fly adjustable blow-off.

But what would I know?  I rode it around in front of my house Wednesday and nothing else so far.  Handles curbs like a champ.

How confident am I that this fjork is for me, it's a keeper, and I'll have it forever?

Apparently, not much.  I hate spacers on top of stems, but I hate this fjork on this bike just a bit more.  At least I won't have to create a prosthetic stem boner to mount my Nuclear Sunrise Titan Tank.

The fjork and the bike have been united since Tuesday night... mostly so I can stare at it and get used to seeing a fjork on the Vertigo Meatplow V.7.  I don't like it, but familiarity breeds contempt... and complacency.

Hopefully, a couple weekends like this to get it "tuned," take it off, ride without it, and then put it back on at the end of April, ride all the PMBAR/Pisgah 111/55.5K I can handle, take it off before the Trans-Sylvania Epic... and leave it off until?

Ocotober?  I dunno.


Anonymous said...

It looks good. Fjorks are pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

So that o-ring on the top shaft prevents unintended blow offs in the rough stuff so you can ride longer?

Anonymous said...

Less bikes, more chemtrails. Let's talk about what's really going on in the at most fear.

Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog a couple of years ago because I too am a rigid single speed aficionado. Your best posts are race reports where you put the wood to guys while manning up on a rigid fork on terrain where it makes no sense to not have suspension. That's where you get the most reward racing rigid! Where has your rigid SS bravado gone man?

dicky said...

I've used suspension at PMBAR, Pisgah 111/55.5, and Double Dare over the past few years (and one regrettable Enduro day at TSE last year). Mebbe I'm just over riding Pisgah rigid or at least racing there that way.

Which is stupid considering I race all over the place on equally brutal trails the rest of the year on a rigid frok.

I never said I was smart. Just marginally good looking.

Eric Wever said...

I'll buy that fork when you're done with it.... next week.

dicky said...

June, Eric.