Friday, April 3

I'm in the zone, chief

Firstly firsts.  Tomorrow is the first race of the "season," or was supposed to be but now isn't.

6 Hours of Warrior Creek is the can't miss event of April.  Been to every one since 2009, back when I could actually win the single speed category.  I've backed off my "training" quite a bit in March to avoid feeling burnt out too early (didn't really work last year), but I still love showing up to the most bermtastic event I know of anywhere this side of a Crankworx.  Stoke level is high.

Also, I'll try to squeeze out a race report before I disappear for a week.  I'm heading to Ocala, FL for some relaxing, riding, and seeing how long I can survive on veggies, eggs and beer.  Can't wait to spend a week with less time on a computer and without a messenger bag hanging off my left shoulder all day.

I plan on at least two days of playing in the Santos/Vortex stuff and hopefully one long day exploring the vast trail network.

I expect to pedal.  A lot. I also expect to pull out the map.  A lot.  But new is new (it is what it is, a calorie is a calorie... you know the rest), and I can't wait to play.  Heard the highs will be in the 90s.  Sweet.  Great training for central Pennsylvania in late May (or not).  Maybe I'll have some photos.  Maybe not.  I don't plan on taking a lot of selfies (because I'd rather be riding than wasting time setting up for some blurry images), so unless Joe Freeman takes some time away from his religious beer festivals, I'll be riding solo and sans decent imagery making.

So yeah, in the zone.

I'll try to put this in sportsball terms...

After a long drive and many fortune-enhanced third down conversions, I find myself late in the game just getting over the fifty yard line with four minutes on the clock, and we're down five points so even if we could get in range for my shitty field goal kicker who's longest ever was only forty six yards, it wouldn't matter, but four minutes is a long time, but almost too long because we're out of timeouts, and the other team probably has a really good shot at rallying as their quarterback has the best record in the SPL (Sports Ball League) for last minute long drives and pulling wins out of his ass.

In other words, I have a decent chance at succeeding.  I also have an equal chance at losing. Bad choices have a an excellent record against me.

So, I'm slightly satisfied.  It wasn't easy, what with my back hurting and my desire to squash the hurts with beer and food happies all winter long.  I'm well on my way to where I want to be before May, and as long as I don't get too lethargic over the next week (the rental house has real cable) or find myself within arm's reach of poor food choices (it will happen), I should have a most excellent chance at getting back to a fighting weight that I haven't seen in two years, and before that, since 2000.

Yesterday, Zac asked me if I was already down to race weight.

"Not yet," I replied.

"Well, you look it."

Now I know how a woman feels if you ask her if she did something with her hair.


Anonymous said...

8.9% is impressive for a regular beer guzzler- trust me, I know. Good jorb.

Mike B.

dicky said...

That's 8.3%, Mike B.

But I'm no mathematologist.

I trust the relative accuracy of loss and gain, but the actual number it gives me? Dunno about that.

Sir Chico Demonte III said...

You look different, did you do something to your hair?

Anonymous said...

do you have a "dick" ® mount for your go pro?