Friday, April 24

Planning on planning up a plan-plan

Since I have no images of mine own today, I will sprinkle in Paw's wonderful work as of late to give it a slightly larger audience than it gets on FaceBook.  I know that Mike Brown doesn't do "social media," so this is mostly for him.

Last evening's "training" plan changed on the fly.  Head past The Spoke Easy looking for PMBAR partner extraordinaire, Zac.  Need to make plans for race weekend.  Even more importantly, make plans for this weekend's shakedown ride.

While I was busy staring at the weather forecast for the weekend and wavering on picking a day, I missed the boat.  Something else is happening that I don't think I can be a part of, so I'm solo in my planning, as Bill Nye has bailed during my stalling tactic as well.  The only good news I got was that while Zac did recently catch himself on fire, he is still functioning like a normal, albeit slightly scorched and less hairy, human.

So, after finishing my beer, I canceled any other training to go home and cook dinner instead.  I was tired anyways and pretty sure that if I had a coach that's what he/she would tell me to do.

That or intervals.

Same diff.  Flipping fish and chopping brussels is good for the core.

So I gotta figure out some sort of ride plan that gets the Brain fork somewhere out of the Queen City, as it really hasn't had a decent mountain ride on it yet.  I still don't trust it... sitting in the corner looking at me funny all morning while I sit here and type.

And that's about the only thing funny going on in here right now.

Hopefully I figure something out.  What little energy I had for planning, I wasted using Paw's creative works to design this:

Should be available in my Etsy Store in about two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I forgot that when I need a laugh, team dickey is only a click away

Anonymous said...

finger fkcing causes blisters on toes

Anonymous said...

nice new bike

Anonymous said...

Hughh! 3/4 sleeve..Dude like.

Mike said...

Good johhrrbbb!!

Thanks dicky...