Thursday, April 30

That's not how you ride a dinosaur

Tomorrow is the annual ((ride to) (the ride to)) the Ride to Breakfast with the Mayor, the kick off event of Bike! Charlotte.  I will not be getting up any earlier than I have to, so no blerhging.  This is it until PMBAR is a memory.

As always, last minute things trickle in to make matters more interesting, the 2015 Race MTB Saddle Mount... somewhat generically known now as the Awesome Strap.

New lower left, old upper right
Just a slight change in design, but as always, they never stop trying to improve the product and user experience. 

I'm more excite about this:

It is the product forthcoming with no name (as of yet).  What's the point of this yet to be named strap?

Well, it can have multiple uses, but here's where my brain is going:

Some of the races/rides I do, my jersey pockets are chock-full.  Food, tools, camera, water filter... whatever.  No room to cram excess clothing as the day heats up and the arm warmers, vest, hat, knee warmers, and jacket come off.  Sure, one of the Mütherloads would work, but you'd have to take some time to load the strap and mount it up on the frame.  This strap can be left on the bike and loaded on the fly, so this option is way more racer boi/girl friendly...

and this is important, much less risk of dropping these expensive items while fishing in your pockets looking for the gels shoved down in the bottom of your pocket sitting under your excess clothes.

You might remember (assuming you pay way too much attention) that I used a Mütherload when I was on my Westward Hos Before Bros Mancation last year to carry my rain jacket almost everyday.

And I also used it when I was farting around town in the mist these past few weeks.

The only slight issue being that I would have to pocket the strap if I needed the coat or strap it back on the frame in a bit dangly manner.  Well, this new strap (which will be availabru at some point in the near future) solves that.

I've been told you can put other things that you want quick access to (tubes, water filter, whatnots and whathaveyous), and I'll play with those options eventually...

But for now, looking at the weather forecast for Saturday (yes, I looked), this is where my arm and knee warmers will be after a few hours of pedaling in the temperate rain forest of Pisgah.

I should mention all the highlights of the product, Hypalon, Grip-Tech, Dual Shock Cord Pre-Load... but it will all be on the site eventually.

So, staples acquired...

No, I'm not fueling solely on high fructose/hydrogenated shitbiscuits.  I have gels and plenty of Carborocket Half Evil packed as well... and if you haven't tried it, washing down a Little Debbie Brownie with some grape flavored Half Evil will throw your taste buds down memory lane and right back to that dank church basement where you spent at least one week of your summer sitting through Vacation Bible School lessons learning that dinosaurs were never real.

I hate that too.


Anonymous said...

I used to work in maintenance at Little Debbie's. Dude, don't eat those brownies! Vegetable oil and lard are basically what they consist of! Debbie is a real person except now people call her Big Debra!

dicky said...

Lard = calories + yum

300+ calories in a serving. Slightly better than when Stamstad used to eat squeeze butter.

Anonymous said...

you need

a big luggage unit with wheels.
Attach it to your bike.
Just watch out that hang ons don't jump in the sack with you while riding.

I know if I brought this luggage thing to some specific parts of town, hookers would jump ontop of it and try to ride it with me.

pop tarts, I love pop tarts. They are on sale this week!


Anonymous said...

mmmmm... pop tarts ... love'm!

a little bit of goodness and evilness goes a long long way... balance is key.

Wash down the pop tarts with beer, all will be fine.

Anonymous said...

train like hell...

me, I just like to taste blood while riding, otherwise.. what's the point.

Anonymous said...

feed me baby!

Anonymous said...

check out this ...

and, sri lanka... 3 races... srilanka_2015/ 2015/ patagonia_2015/

maybe I outta get back into racing :) some interesting races out there now..
( won't go crazy though spending 20k a year and 25000km of biking in a year :)