Tuesday, April 21

when you have to move on and you dead but also have things to do...

Sunday.  Rain.  Time to get shit done... and finish off with the mummy thing.

I did some serious piddling around.  Important things like changing the air filter in the house, just like one should (once a month or twice a year, whichever happens more naturally).  Once those things were out of the way, and I finally found my 4 & 5mm allens that walked off a few days ago, and I got my bike room into a state of organization conducive to getting things done... I went to work sorting out things for PMBAR in two weeks.

Time constraints beset upon us, Zac's best option for a bicycle is my other bicycle, so I went over it to make sure I wasn't handing my partner a dud. 

Once I felt like that was squared away, I set to sorting out my required gear for this year and how it shalt be secured to my bike and person.

I'm more stoked this year on a "packless PMBAR" than in any previous year.

My Titan Tank from Nuclear Sunrise, mounted with a Teamdicky Stem Boner™ for ultimate stability and security.  If you know me, I hate bags on frames almost as much as I hate packs on backs, but this thing makes too much sense.  One-handed access to whatever I want to keep close by, a little bit of compartmentalization to keep things tidy, and a way to get all this shit off my back.

Other pointless things you might notice:

The ASS Wisecracker bottle opener which when mounted like this does little in the way of opening bottles but does keep the Velcro strap of the Titan Tank secure at the top of the Teamdicky Stem Boner™.  It also protects my computer in the event of a nasty wreck.

Speaking of that computer, it's there to fill the requirement of timepiece.  There's no wheel sensor mounted nor the thingy on the fork leg.  More required gear that I have to carry but don't plan on needing.  It's either daylight and things are great, or it's getting dark and something went terribly wrong.

A Cateye commuter light that is well over a decade old at this point, pretty much a dinosaur in the lighting technology department, and something I hope I never have to actually use at PMBAR.  If I do, assume something went totally wrong.

I'm still awaiting the arrival of some new stuff from Backcountry Research that may come in handy (I haven't seen it yet), so I'm done with the sorting for now.  Some new stuff that you can already haz and some stuff that you ain't seen yet but will probably want.

PMBAR, PMBAR, PMBAR.... one is never ready enough for it.

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Anonymous said...

my bike room(s) are a mess.. 16 bikes disassembled and no one home... makes for a messy place.