Friday, May 15


I'm going with the most obvious option that allows for greatest chance of success at having most fun possible.

socks courtesy of 8 Lumens

Cutting to the point, I'm doing the Pisgah 55.5K... and that's it... kinda.

So many reasons (excuses).

Doing only the 55.5K means that I can stop by The Spoke Easy tonight for the We Love Bicycles Party.  I love bicycles.  I love party.  Then I can wake up at my leisure tomorrow, drive to Brevard, watch my little friends finish, drink (some) beer, go eat a burrito with Dahn and Birdman, watch a Rambo marathon on cable TV at the Sunset Motel, wake up (to a later start than the 111K), race, and be home in time to rinse the Pisgah from my bike and outta my ears... and then start packing for the Trans-Sylvania Epic.

Yeah, the weather has gone all the ways as far as predictions go.

This is what is being predicted as of now (Friday 7:18AM).  It could still change and probably will.  I can handle a little rain if I have to, and while I prefer to not ride in the rain, I tend to fare slightly better than most when everybody is as miserable as I am.  Hopefully having Saturday off the bike will give me some time to come around.

I have to.

Pretty sure I can bounce back from 5+ hours in the saddle enough to make (sorta) great bike race at the Trans-Sylvania Epic to then make it to the start line of the Pisgah Enduro™ a week later... because I found out last night that I have to make it there.  I'll be transporting the timing equipment from State College to Old Fort, so I kinda have to stick with this commitment.

The King of Pisgah thing will be over for me one day earlier than it was two years ago (The Monsoon Year).  It mighta been doomed anyways.  I have two possible conflicts in September with the Pisgah Monster Cross and Faster Mustache might be working on something that would keep me from playing in the woods for two days straight (in a competitive manner) at the Double Dare.

So here's to making the most of it.  Stoked on racing down some Turkey Pen, Pilot Rock and Black Mountain on the rigid crabon frok.

I haven't done a race in Pisgah on a non-squishing fjork in years.  ORAMM doesn't count in my book.  Sorry.  Stoked to get back to doing things the way I used to do it... when I was young(er).

Is this the thing that broke Bob Moss?  I forgot.

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Anonymous said...

we're all getting old... can't race multiple races in a row like we used to... I hate getting old. What the hell am I going to do in my 60s... wheelchair race downhill and extreme marble competitions with pee shooters?

that's what I am contemplating now a days... racing days were fun though, test the limits of the human body.

my ex crushed those days, the btch.

I still love to bike though, heading up tonight on my cyclocross for a good 2-3 hour tour on some good trails. Eggcellent weather here, 20oC and bit of sun