Thursday, May 7

Some tings dat work

I put the crabon frok back on the other day.

One thing that always makes sads for me with crabon froks is when I remove the front wheel and want to set the bike down.  I'm used to just standing the bike up on the frok legs, but I'm always thinking about dat crabon.  So it dawned on me, why not protect them?

But how?

I remembered that I had some leftover stuff from Crankskins.  I wasn't sure if the thick protective sticky stuff would conform to all the curves.  I tried it, failed, forgot about adding heat, remembered about adding heat, grabbed a blow dryer... voila.

I'll still be careful when I set it down, but 30-40% less so.  With the addition of heat, the plastic/vinyl/tape/whatever molded to the shape and it's really on there.  Protect your investments.

My Squeezy Leg Bags™.  I got them some time ago.  Back in February.  Since then, I've used them a ton.  Most people ask me if they work.  See enough of these images on FaceBook and Instagram, and your curiosity is piqued.

Most days that I use them, I've ridden maybe two hours, perhaps three.  My biggest efforts in the past few months had been (my almost six hours of) the 12 Hours of Santos and (my three hours of) the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek.  After Santos, I spent the next entire day in a car.  After Warrior Creek... I don't remember.

So for the most part, I never felt too terrible before getting into the Squeezy Leg Bags™, so I never felt miraculously better afterwards...

but then there was PMBAR.

More than nine hours of effort, something like 80 miles of Pisgah, a huge load of fatigue in my legs.  I only got thirty minutes in the bags the day after the race because life was busy, but on Monday?

More like two episodes of Better Call Saul.

Before the bags, my legs were bloated and loaded with fluid retention.  Afterwards, they looked like sun-dried tomatoes. 

And on Tuesday morning, my legs felt like they were back at about 80%.  By yesterday morning, when I went out on my hour before-work ride, I felt like 90%+.  Today, I feel like I didn't even do PMBAR four days ago.

so yeah, Elevated Legs work.  Very well.  Expensive?  Yes, but as I go about life today like PMBAR never happened (aside from the emotional damage), worth every penny.

Can't wait to go to the Trans-Sylvania Epic and squeeze EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Let the mocking begin.


johnnyboym said...

if you pour the beer inside the squeezy things before inserting your legs can you directly infuse your muscles with the EtOH?

Anonymous said...

Legs bags? Seriously? Come on, man.