Tuesday, June 23

What is old is still old

Sunday.  Get shit done day.  First things first, head out for another trail ride.  Hip/back/sacrum is feeling bonerific.  Had to pull my left foot out and plant it in a soft corner a couple times.  No pain.

Also, ENVE crabon frok set back to 41mm of offset, the way God intended it.

Also also, my new CODS™ is working out great.

The last time I did something different with my cockpit, my dropper cable started banging on the bottom of my stem faceplate... driving me bonkers... since January.  I finally came up with the Cable Oscillation Dampeningening System (a piece of rubber grippy thing from a pen), and it works wonders.  The best single speed ever known to man is now the quietest as well.

Another project was completed before the day was over.

No, I'm not building up a road beast for the 2015 Tour de Burg (although I did use this frame once on a 100 mile stage of said race years ago... sucked).   Some time last winter, The Pie wanted ride a trainer indoors to keep up her cardio while recovering from a running related injury.  I sacrificed the Misfit to her needs.  The bike had sads, but it was currently only built up as a grocery getter anyhoo.

Recently, I was at Fattimagic Headquarters.  I saw the Thylacine frame sitting in the corner, covered in dust, also with sads.  Zac had used it at one point when he was between bikes.  Anyways, he gave the frame back (sans EBB) and included a steel fork to hold the front of the bike up.  Oddly enough, a Niner EBB fit in the frame (after I cut 5mm of the width off)... and then a smattering of parts that were here and there, some that I've had for more than a decade now, and boom.  New trainer bike for The Pie (complete with KMC 10spd XSL chain, Saint pedals, Dean ti post, half Tioga/half Race Face headset, Misfit stem and bars, polished XT cranks, ti railed WTB Silverado saddle and some wheels off a 2006 Gary Fisher Rig).

Which means, because I hadn't bothered selling any of the necessary parts I had lying around, I haz bike.. again.

(yes, there's a chain on it now)
I can't believe how close I came to selling any of these parts which would have made this less of a no-brainer and a more of a somewhat out-of-pocketer, and thus prolly no happen.

So why have a rigid ti single speed, a long travel steel single speed, and a short travel aluminum single speed?

One to get stupid, one to get racy, one to get... whatever is in the middle of those two things.

Sometimes, I don't wanna get beat up or drag a heavy bike around on local trails... like right now.  I still have some soft tissue damage on my left hand from my wreck at TSE.  The rigid hurts a bit, but not enough to lug my slower handling, mega-travel bike around the local trails.

So this bike fits a niche, makes use of a bunch of parts I had already, and makes my happy parts tingle and my unhappy part less unhappy.

Hoping to get a ride on it this week... Thursday if the weather cooperates.

Perhaps I'll ride it down Memory Lane.

"Remember, kids.  Single speeding is dead." ~ The Anal Singlespeeder

Side note:  I really need better lighting (still) in my bike room.  Feeling pretty Joe VS the Volcano in here.

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Anonymous said...

my whole house is a man cave... each room has many bikes, skiis, snowshoes, etc...
I forget how many bikes I have now. Yet, I only ride one bike for the others are all in pieces...

I live in peace and harmony though with my bikes.