Thursday, July 30

The long, slow road to Breck

Hard to believe that I'm getting ready for another Breck Epic.

Bill Nye came by and grabbed the Vertigo Meatplow V.7 and some of my gear last night.

I know it's stupid to be nervous, but I feel like it's taken me more than ten years to build the perfect single speed, and this is the first time it's been outta my sight for this length of time.  It's irreplaceable at this point... to some degree.

So of course, I was so happy to see this later last night:

I think he could get more, but maybe he's looking for some quick gas money.


He's heading out early to ride, play, acclimate and try to keep Nick (AKA Dip n' Spray, AKA The Face of Chaos) in check.  He's joining along to hang, ride, play (and perhaps enjoy a legal bowl... of oatmeal), and hack things with a machete.

We'll have a pretty sweet Charlotte contingent staying with us (we're being joined by April and Andrea), so I expect to have much funs, and beers, and river soakings, and watching Xtreme Ladder infomercials, and... I dunno.  Just happy to be going back to my "summer home."  I miss that place something awful.  Also looking forward to seeing my asshole "friends" that I only get to see in Breck.  Such a sweet bunch of guys... that rip off my legs and beat me with them.

I've entered the 40+ Mens Solo class.   Not really sure why.  Only @18 single speeders registered (most coming from elevation) but 90 guys in the 40+.  Languishing somewhere in the mid-pack is my lofty goal.  Elevation kills me, but in that good way.

Sorry.  Not get enough Wilderness 101 chat before I swapped topics to Breck?  Thom at did interview me, despite my lackluster seventh place finish.  Click here to listen to a litany of excuses, and feel free to use them yourself in the future.

Wondering what is looks like to go down No Name on a rigid bike?  I'm  wondering myself, being that I had my eyes closed the whole way down so they wouldn't bounce outta my skull.  Well, it's in the highlight reel.

"Rocks... like... everywhere."

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