Thursday, August 6

I will double-bag your eggs


I can't even say that I've been busy.  Riding bikes, drinking beer, and eating cookies and popcorn aside, I haven't done much at all lately.  I'm so ready for the Breck Epic (in terms of being relatively fit, only slightly heavier than I want to be, and totally unacclimated to altitude).

Selling things I don't need, picking up bits and pieces of the things I do, trying to get my next bad idea off the ground.

Not all the pieces in my puzzle fit together, and I'm not hard charging on getting this done.  More or less, something to keep me busy over the cooler months and keep me from buying something stupid.

Something stupid.

I don't even have the energy to make fun of fat bikes, plus bikes, Boost... I'll still make fun of cross though, because I heard it's coming. 

Just replace "terminator" with "cross." It's just like that.

I expect to come back from Breck Epic with tons of stories, and then I head into a week of La Vida Bachelor immediately after that... doubtful I'll have anything left in the tank to make the most of the five free evenings, but I heard there might be a Matlock Marathon on MeTV that week.

Ride, sleep, eat, drink. All I want to do.

You know, like a bike packer.

Speaking of which, if you're one of those folks who can't fathom the idea of going bike packing and leaving your feline companion behind, look no further.

The Cat-Bar Bag makes it so you never have to leave Mittens at home.  Buy one now, and they will throw in the Meow Mask, so Whisker Biscuit won't freak out on stream crossings or insane, hairball descents.


Anonymous said...

don't be stupid and buy a dualie... that's stupidity...

keep your cool, stay calm cool and collected... stay SS HT.

don't loose your nuts, keep calm.

its hard seeing the stupid sheep follow, don't do it...

stay SS HT.

I love my HT. Hate my dualie... it squeeks and squeeks like some irish brothel...
my HT, I can feel here move under my legs. I control her, she doesn't control me.
I love my HT.

Montana said...

Oh! Mr. Spaghetti would love it. I think he ate a condom yesterday