Friday, October 9

I can't complain, but sometimes I still do

Today is Messenger Appreciation Day... or the annual celebration of Pull a Muscle Patting Myself on the Back Day.  Either way, I'll celebrate tonight by finishing off my geared bicycle because... parts.

Sizemore supervising the rotor removal... made easier with the use of a T-Way from Fix It Sticks.

I didn't really think this thing would get much use, being that it's on my pegboard next to all my loose Allen keys, but it does.  It's especially useful when I've got multiple bolts that I gotta spin (rotor bolts) or when I need that T-handle reliability of being able to push down and turn hard (like an SPD cleat bolt).  Zero flexy windup with this hunk of steel.

I'd been carrying the Replaceables in my messenger bag at work for awhile before I got the T-Way.

To be honest, I hadn't really needed to use them much.  Credit the simplicity of the tarck bike on that one.  When I did use them, they were more spot-on than the tiny folding multi-tool I was toting around, so it wasn't such a hard choice to make the swap.

I've considered getting the Original Fix It Sticks for my single speed racing appropriate loaded Tülbag.

The Mountain configuration (4mm, 5mm, 6mm Hex, Torx 25) combined with my tiny 8mm bit that slides onto the 5mm would be perfect. Not so much for this stupid geared bike that I'm building, what with its... Phillips head adjusting screws and whatnot...

but how often do those get used out on the trail?

Seriously. It's been awhile. How often?

Hopefully I won't find out this weekend.  Not sure where I'm going, but hopefully somewhere that shifting is useful.  I don't want to experience a sudden onset of buyer's remorse (again).

As long as FedEx does their thing today, I'll have a set of Industry 9 Trail 245 wheels by the end of the day.  Rain delay on the fun tomorrow, and then, very ironically on the day of the Single Speed World Championships in Japan, I will own a geared bike for the first time since I regretted the last time.

Which means that when I get home from that ride, I'll be poking my nose around social media to see if SSWC is coming to a continent near me.


Mike said...

Heartbreak Sunday?

Mike "no social media" B.

dicky said...

Was thinking more closer... but... aren't we in bear season or some shit?

Anonymous said...

why you always smell like beer..

Anonymous said...

BEER season is more like it

Chip Batson said...

Heartbreak via OT tomorrow.....

AdamB said...

Happy M.A.D. to you sir Dickster! Make sure you use both arms equally when patting yourself on the back today. Because... Symmetry!

Anonymous said...

you should do an outline - evolution of dicky... From geared to single gear to geared... wtf man?

its like a bad nightmare...

Anonymous said...

I'm in, how do I get to these places?
I have your bear suit Dickey.
I'm sure the gears will look good on you. Plus it will give you endless amounts of tech to blog about.

We're sooooo proud of you for coming out of the gear closet. Be free little one.


Mike said...

Bear season starts the 12th (correction). That said, if there's a sign that says October 1 ( I can't remember what it says), I'm going to turn around and do some other equally good ride.

I'm cracking myself up, btw. Ride planning on blog comments...who thinks that's a good idea?