Friday, December 4

Floppy coming soon

My current level of stoke is high. Today, I am burning up the three hours of paid time off that I can't carry over into 2016 (in the name of making great bike race) and getting a jump on traffic to head to the Pisgah.  Later this evening, I may or may not be riding my bicycle all over the new Spencer, illuminated with fancy LED technology a 2001 me woulda killed a baby seal to own.  Tomorrow, I will be joined by many others as we crush the gnar and lay waste to our possible futures.

Since the whole weekend is sorta on the hush hush, all I can say is that a group of us will be sleeping somewhere close to Pisgah, riding all aboot, and sort of timing ourselves on certain things and earning points based on a scale that slides more than a trombone at Mardi Gras.

All I care about it getting the Stickel with the (now) 120mm fjork on the trail in the mountains.  I've given myself until the end of the year to determine whether or not I feel like keeping the whole geared hard tail thing going or if I need to look into other options.  It's not like I ride Pisgah all that much, and it seems like 50% of the time that I'm riding there, I've got a number plate on the front of my bike... which means I'm on a single speed.

Speaking of number plates and Pisgah, I got Watts and myself all signed up for the 2016 King of Pisgah.  You know Watts, right?

The inspiration for the Watts Fappening?  The guy who used a suppository while staying at my house?  The individual with whom I've spent many a memorable evening that I can't remember?

So, yeah.  That's my partner for any Pisgah Production events that require one.  That should end well.

Some of you might ask, "What about your PMBAR partner, Zac?"

Well, we had a long run.  I've been doing PMBAR since... 2004?   I think.  Anyways, I'd never had the partner for more than two years in a row until Zac.  There was the stranger from Ohio, The Wonderboy (twice), Jody, Elk, Thad (twice)... and then just Zac.  Those past few PMBARs were starting to blend together, so I felt like it was time for a change.  Although the checkpoints change from year to year, Pisgah is always the same, so the best way to shake things up is swapping partners.

Except when partner swapping isn't such a good idea.

BTW:  Entering the King of Pisgah now is the only way to guarantee yourself a spot in all the Pisgah Production races in the series.  Keep in mind, PMBAR sells out quick.  That race is now one of "those races" and has been for some time.  Get in or take you chances.

I'm off.  See you knobs on the flippy.

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Anonymous said...

only teams? after doing team racing (transrockies, first Bcbikerace etc..) I don't likem'... sooner go solo... easier.