Friday, January 8

Where are my opera glasses?

Headed out to Asheville tonight for Cyclocross Nationals.  A bit bummed that I will miss the 151 riders toeing the line in the "single speed" race today.   Woulda been a hoot.  Not sure I recognize many of those single speeders predicted to be in the top ten tho.

What? Me? Jealous?

Of course.

I wish I had the talent and strength to win... or maybe I don't because I would more than likely piss it away.  I guess what I'm thinking is, when you have 151 people signed up for the single speed class, would it hurt to have a separate pro category to give the little guys a chance?  I know the schedule it tight, but you got time for a donut race.  Emmaright?

Rain coming tomorrow, and sadly the bulk of the racing will be juniors.

So we'll be watching juniors slip and slide on what most have said is a very technical Euro course.  Hard to heckle struggling children.  I'll have to save my harsh feels for the "industry" race.  I don't think that will be a problem.  We already don't get along.

Looking forward to this.  Have been for awhile.  Good times are guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

heckling kids is the bestest!

Anonymous said...

Heckle for me, I'll be riding in Pee-Yay!