Friday, March 11

Busy Signal

This weekend...

Of course I want to get out on my new wheels/tires for more testing, AKA having fun riding bikes.  The only other competing agenda (other than family, natch) would be that it's the final weekend to prepare for the greatest one day celebration of all things bicycle in the Queen City, The Tour duh Charlotte.

Registration is open... not maxed out yet, but we expect a big turn out just as in years past.  What's not to like?  Riding, racing, food, beer, prizes that will go way deep into the field this year from Maxxis, TruckerCo, Swiftwick, Bike Source, Handup Gloves, The Trek Store... tons of stuff (not literal tons tho).  The one event all year that I wish I could do but can't because I'm all Helpy Helperson that day.  Only $35 to race and $25 to Party Pace the event.  Party Pace?  Join along for the ride between stages, witness the spectacle of athletes being all athletic, eat the food, drink the beer... and maybe some prizes might spill over into your laps.  Who knows?

It's next week, so get your shit straight and be there.  Seriously.

Next week is gonna be busy.  I'm doing something special Monday night that I'll fill you in on later (unless it flops, which it very well could).  Tuesday is planned to be mellow, but then it will probably be full throttle, all hands on deck getting things ready for a successful event.  Things here will be splotty and sporadic once again until after the TdC.

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