Thursday, April 21

All systems (duWan)go

It's official.  Bill Nye and I are headed west for duWango Tango: Mancation 2016.

Matt McFee of Hermosa Tours twisted our virtual arms, and the decision was made just like that (my virtual arms are even weaker than my IRL ones).

Matt, seen here throwing the duWango Tango Gango sign.

Not like it was that hard to convince me to go to back to Durango.  I've only seen a small percentage of what the place has to offer as far as mountain bike riding goes.  Hell, I've never even done the infamous Hermosa Creek epic adventure.   I've seen/experienced the Colorado Trail, Raider's Ridge, Horse Gulch... Black Hawk Pass.

I think that's it.  Of course, I coulda got in at least one other ride while I was at SSWC '09, but I was too busy being hungover all day.

Such wasted non-youth.

So I'm pretty stoked about doing a trip that doesn't fall into the exact same plan as last time, which was less of a plan and more of this:

* Wake up early.
* Catch a shuttle to some remote place
* Spend most of the day descending from a high place
* Finish the ride
* Clean up and start drinking
* Continue drinking
* Eat (with drinks)
* Resume drinking
* Consider the cessation of the drinking but think better of it and forge on
* Go to bed regrettably late
* Wake up and head to our next town of choice, consume 64oz of Gatorade on the way there
* Head out for a quick local loop, which ends up being shortened because... hangover
* Drink, eat, drink, go to bed...
* Start over

I'm only worried about a few things.  First and foremost, our proximity to many of the local watering holes.  We'll be staying closer to downtown this time, which means stumbling home is as easy as google maps.  Secondly, I will be returning to Charlotte on September 1st, going to work on the 2nd, and leaving for the Shenandoah 100 on the 3rd.  I rarely ever go out west and not come back in a heap, so this year's SM 100 is certain to be some new form of shit show for me.

But it will all be worth it.


Anonymous said...

It's called 'altitude training' and you'll be a monster ;)

Anonymous said...

We're planning to spend the summer near Durango, currently staying in the RV park in Bayfield. Between the world class mountain biking and the available festivities, I might never go back to Charlotte, except to collect the rest of my bikes.