Friday, April 1

What problems?

Six Hours of Warrior Creek tomorrow, racing duo single speed with Nick "I Only Race Cross" Barlow.

Knowing that both of us have an incredible potential to ruin things the night before a race, I'm scooping him up tonight, and we're going to spend the evening at my house slapping beers out of each other's hands.

We're both hoping to do well this go around, as Warrior Creek has been a giver of many excites as well as unexpected sads... to include the tail end of a week long bout of diarrhea and Nick's escapades last year on the back of a tandem with a total stranger... who wasn't his partner.

Oh, how much I'd love to write a quality post... but so much other things going on.  Leaving reality for a few days certainly has an impact on sliding back into normal life.  I feel the gorilla of life's pressures sitting on my chest, and I'm spending 90% of my hours this weekend at a bike race and a wedding instead of solving any of my problems.

Good thing they will still be there when I get back.


Riot said...

If you ignore the problems long enough...they go away...eventually...ok....very, very long enough...

Anonymous said...

I hear yah bud... Hence, biking is good to reduce the stress of problems, but sometimes they don't go away, but make them more bearable that's for sure..
try having the cops on your ass, that sucks big time. More jail time, maybe... :)

Anonymous said...

Thought you were already married,