Thursday, May 26

Turd in the punch bowl

Well, I'm bound for the Trans-Sylvania Epic this weekend and off the blerhging for a week.  Going up with no expectations, other than to have a blast and see friends and hang out and live "the life."  Some redemption would be okay also.

photo cred: A.E. Landes
'15 sad broke Dick and friends.

Finishing-type redemption.  Last year's race-ending injury had me DNF'ing a stage race for the first time since I started doing them back in '04 with La Ruta.  Super bummed, because I had pretty much decided that TSE was going to be the one that I did every year forever (since I sat out the Breck Epic the year before)... sorta to be that guy who did every one.  I am no longer that guy.  Meh.

This image of Cyndi Lauper was relevant in the first draft of this post, but it doesn't make any sense now... but leaving it in anyways.

Enduro™ changes everything.

As always, it's been a lead-up week of multiple trips to the brocery store (buying beer ahead never works), mowing grass, hours of wandering around my bike room grabbing things and fiddling with stuff, and tweaking two bikes for a week's worth of riding over piles of rocks and good times.  I have a feeling that warrantied at the last minute (thanks Bike Source) will work better than the ones I had that somehow carbonated my mineral oil.

This race.  It's worth all the sweating and thinking and worrying.  It's my favorite week on a bike, every year.  Hands down.  It's how I'd want a vacation planned for me by someone else.

Worth mentioning, last year's TSE was also the last race I ever did BEFORE getting my prescription glasses.  It's been a really great year of seeing things, and of course I'm kicking myself in the ass for not doing it much, much sooner.  Would I have seen whatever the hell it was that I ran into last year and been able to avoid injury?  Mebbe.  Probably.  Dunno.  I certainly had a lot of wrecks in the six to nine months right before I got glasses.  Enough so that I thought I was unlearning how to ride a bike in the woods.  Memorable off-the-bike moments at the Icycle in January, on Bennett Gap in October, Black Mountain in September... so many dumb injuries.  Now I'm back to blaming my lack of skills again.

Boring.  Sorry.  Excite coming soon.  Also, when I get back, I'll have The Pie draw a number/name for the Industry Nine hub raffle to benefit the PA Interscholastic Cycling League.

You've got until June 3rd to donate, and when I get back from PA, we'll do this thing.  Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far and to everyone who jumps in while I'm out making (not-so) great bike race.

Later, maters.

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Anonymous said...

nice! would love to do that grass roots race...