Tuesday, June 14

TSE: The Final Dump Down

Following up on things about the Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic.

Boring things first? Sure.

I've had my NOX Composites Farlow 29" rims (on Industry Nine Torch hubs/spokes) for just over a year now.

Only two stages of TSE last year (sigh), Wilderness 101, Breck Epic, Shenandoah 100, Fool's Gold 50, PMBAR, Pisgah 111k, this year's TSE... and like a gazillion rides in between all those brutal (on equipment) events.  They're as true as the day they were built.  Almost 100% of all the riding has been done in a turgid manner BTW, so my 130-145lbs has been unskillfully piloting these through all sort of nasty business, slamming into things and hoping for the best.  Aside from some cosmetic scrapes and scratches, zero damage.

Just at the '16 TSE alone, I bottomed out both rims numerous times on the chunderous rocks at all kinds of different speeds.  The kinda "thunk" when you know that your aluminum rims would have had a nice fold on the sidewall.  I got nothing but good news when I looked them over last weekend.  I can't gush enough about these things...

Even tho I've been eyeballing a set of NOX Composites Kitsuma 29" rims for even molar volume... since it looks like I might be sticking with 29" wheels on the rigid SS.  I know they'd be slightly heavier, but whatever.  Cheaper than the full suspension single speed ideas that keep creeping into the back of my mind.

Since I'm talking about things that are round, I can say in that same time, I've had zero flats with the Ardent 2.4/Ardent Race 2.2 with TruckerCo Cream tire sealant.  Zero.  Sure, there are lighter tires, but you know what I like?  Not changing flats.   This... muy bueno.

Scuffed but solid.

Also another "since,"

The HandUp gloves.  Rigid riding with minimal gloves and zero padding plus ESI grips are the ticket.  If you say there's something better, you haven't tried this yet.

The Togs?  They're staying on.

I used them... a bunch.  More than 50% of the time I'm riding since I've installed them, I'm touching them.  Way more than 50%.

I mention all these "comfort" items for a reason.  It sounds stupid to say it, but most, if not all, of my physical problems feel @95% better after a week of 16+ hours on a rigid bike.  My shoulder feels good.  My thumb... still a little stiff and not full movement there yet, but zero pain.  I'm pretty stoked to say that all systems are probably better than they have been in awhile.  I've been doing a few new things to aid recovery as well, and I got through (the five day version of) TSE feeling better at the end than I've ever felt before.  Boom.

Although this blog is all about me and bike and not my family or recipes, I did my best to include some bits about the other single speeders last week.  I can't really report on the racing action that I was nowhere near, but I saw pictures...

speaking of being there and all single speedy, there were two others that I never mentioned at all:

Sara Loyah

and Karen Brooks.

They were just a bit further back every day, so I rarely saw them throughout the week.  I did get a chance to talk to Karen at the final awards ceremony, but that was it.  Side note worth mentioning, she was the editor of Dirt Rag that let me get my foot in the door way back when.  I'll always appreciate that, although I threw gallons of gas and a match on that bridge years ago.

Anyways, there they were, duking it out with all us testosterone-fueled dickheads in the single speed class.  First time we've ever had more than one female single speeder?  I think so.  Normally, it's just Karen.  There was also Tanya Hanham from Canadianica the first year... but two at once?

So mebbe we get enough for a female single speed class next year?  Mebbe?  C'mon... it will be so much fun (in that way that pain is fun).

I think that's all the thoughts I have about TSE related things.  Seven weekdays in a row of blerhg, so time for a break to figure out what's next.


Anonymous said...

Are those carbon wheels? yikes, I'd never ride carbon wheels... (same with the new electronic shifters)... having worked on many military grade projects the last many decades, I watch for fatigue limits
fatigue limits can vary greatly on carbon. Aluminum just sucks... I've busted many AL frames and a few steal as well. I did have a carbon crank (FSA) and frame, it busted in just months... fn junk...
my Ti frame keeps on ticking though... love Ti. Huge fatigue limit, can really abuse the stuff and it keeps on living. Wouldn't abuse carbon too much... be kind to it... its meant for those that are gentle on things.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I didn't ride in your "class" (rode duo with Marc), but there were two female SSers the first year - me AND Tanya!!
~ Kim Jones from Canuckistan

dicky said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh... memories.

Karen Brooks said...

Kim! I met her this spring at Joyride 150 bike park in Toronto! She was wearing the original TSE hoodie, gold ink on black, so we struck up a conversation. I gotta get Kuhn to confirm, but I think Sarah, Kim, Tanya, and me are the only females to ever do TSE on a singlespeed. Maybe we can all sign up again next year and make a class of it. But I'll have to actually train this time in order to fully participate in SS hijinx.

Hey thanks for the mention, and *clink* cheers to gallons of gasoline.

Kim Jones said...

Hi Karen! It was cool to meet you at Joyride! Somehow I think it'll be a while until I'm up for racing again - until my four year old gets faster than me (which won't be long at this rate). Tanya might be convinced though...