Friday, July 29

Too dookie booty

This will be a weekend of competing agendas.

Tonight, the 24 Hours of Booty kicks off at 7:00PM.

No, I'm not doing it, but I do love to watch people ride in circles whilst I drink beers with friends.  The Spoke Easy is heading over and there's also a "tailgate party" of note that I want to swing past and play cornhole (I assume that's what people do there).

Just to watch people not racing bike cycles.  Just riding them.  For 24 hours.  It's something to do, and the cops have only asked me (and The Wonderboy and Pete) to leave once... something about "nudity" and "you can go do that somewhere else but not here."


Drink too many beers and I might miss my Saturday window to ride my mountain bike before the HEAT DOME takes over.  I want to get out on the Vertigo Meatplow V.7, as I recently installed something and want to try it out.  Somewhere a little climby... but not too far away.

And then Sunday.  Faster Mustache is leading the way on the Shake that Booty Ride from Rhino Market and Deli to Blue Blaze Brewing.

A casual ride aboot town ending at a brewery.  Sounds like a perfect lazy Sunday... assuming I got my mountain ride in on Saturday... assuming I didn't damage myself Friday night.

Assumptions make for the best plans.

That and I heard they show movies in big buildings with air conditioning and two movies I'd rather see on something other than my "not quite big enough for the room it's in, but it's what I got" television.

What can I say?  My daughter is as enamored with Jason Bourne as I am.


Anonymous said...

I just can't bring myself to pay for a matt damon movie where the impetus is violence and guns and then off screen he goes all anti-gun politicking. Kind of hypocritical don't ya think? Oh, that's right, do as I say, not as I do.

Hope you have fun doing all things bike-and beer!

hiwbiwee said...

Hmmm... shouldn't there be training wheels on the kegger bike? Ya know, just in case?