Thursday, August 25

Things to do in Durango when you shred

Hard to believe.  Bill Nye and I leave for Duwango Tango Mancation '16 tomorrow.  The plan, as it was/were/is... coming together.  Which leaves me with this:

Two piles.  One bound for Durango (foreground), the other prepping for the Shenandoah Mountain 100 (background)... because the plan calls for this to happen.  I'll get back next Thursday, go to work on Friday, leave for Stokesville on Saturday.

Staring at stuff.  Grabbing things.  My anal compulsion to bring all the things.

Let's face it.  The blerhg will die for a short while.  Less of a death and more of a shit-stasis.  I don't see having time to update anything until after I get back from SM100.  I guess I could take my craptop computer with me, but it's such a dick.   Not to mention, I hope to stay sorta busy even when we're not riding.  I want to stop at King Cage and get some locally sourced titanium bottle cages for the By:Stickel Meatplow V.6.  Also, Ska Brewery and river soaking and... whatever.  I hear there's some great antique stores and haberdasheries in town as well.  I'll probably be an asshole tho and post on Facebook and Instagram, just so you know for this short while, my life is better than yours.

That's what social media is for, right?

I'm not sure what kind of shape I'll be in when I get back from Durango.  The whole race thing could go either way.

I could be strong and light from riding above 6,500 feet for six days.

I could be destroyed and fat from riding above 6,500 feet for six days... and eating and drinking my way into a stupor whenever I'm not on the bike or buying antiques and cowboy hats.


We didn't plan for success or failure that far ahead.

I was stoked this past Tuesday when I headed out for my 1.25 hour ride before riding to work, knowing that I've got maybe three more of these before the Fool's Gold 50 (60?) on September 17th.  Basically, I'm not too far away from all rides only occurring for fun reasons and no more early weekday wake ups.  Which I hate.

Getting up, that is, although it is said that you can't drink all day if you never wake up.

BTW:  Some have asked me how I feel about the Fox Step Cast 32.  At some point, I'll get to it.  Mebbe after the SM100 or the Fool's Gold 50 (60?).  I promise (sorta).

Most of the travels.


Anonymous said...

now where am I going to get my morning biking fix from? you better bring back some goodies for us readers... we are loyal!

Sir Chico Demonte III said...

6500 feet can't be that much of an effort? The top of Mitchel is 6400 feet. The top of Heartbreak has to be roughly 6000. With the exception of the first and last day in country, I spent all of my time in Peru last summer above 9000. A lot of it was over 11000 and we rolled up over 14000 on our way to Puno. Yeah, 12-14000 kind of sucked but, I don't recall having any issues below that.