Wednesday, September 28

Ticking away the moments that make up a derp day

Don't ask me.

Somehow an entire Interbike happened and after all the online perusing of the shiny things, I'm verklempt... except without the emotional part.  I feel nothing and can say little about those non-feelings.  I guess I'm worried about my lack of emotions.  So there's that.  More new stuff, and none of it prying my virtual wallet open.  I guess that's a good thing.

The past week has been quite the drain on Charlotte.  That and the presidential debates hardly make one feel better about going outside where "other people" are milling about with their faces and opinions.

I attempted to kick start my "training" for the Lula Lakes Land Trust 5 Points 50 this past weekend.

Yeth, I actually used STRAVA, for what must be like the third time, I think.  I realized that this is probably sorta how it's supposed to be used?  Mostly I just had a rough plan where I wanted to go, how to get there, and a desire to maybe get an overall idea what the new trails being built on the south side of town look like.  Oh, and also to make sure I got enough ride time/miles to feel like I did something.

The 277 Trails in Ballantyne.  Not sure why they're named that, since Interstate 277 is so far away from here.  I did run into one of the trail builder/coordinators while I was riding.  David?  Shit.  I'm terrible with names.  He gave me a little history about how this place came to be and showed me a trail map on his phone... which only really showed me that I was on "trail proper" maybe half the time... the other half I was on old, illegally built trails that just went, like... all over the place.  Anyways, good stuff.  I'd be stoked if I lived on that side of town.  What I would do to have three or four miles of trail a few minutes from my house for the purposes of shitting and giggling.

I guess I could call that a "road ride," but I was on roads, greenways, mountain bike trails, illegal cut-throughs, parking lots, bike lanes, sidewalks...

Some part of me still hankers for some sort of machine for proper road riding, but not so much proper road rides themselves.

Monday, my early morning extended commute got shut down by rain.  I didn't even try to get up early yesterday... presidential debate (and beer) hangover.  Who stays up past 10:30PM on a school night?

So back at it today and start living La Vida Bachelor tonight.  Currently, I'm paralyzed with a vast emptiness of not knowing exactly what to do with myself until Monday, but I'm sure something will happen and more than likely, it will involve bikes and riding and hopefully sleeping.

At least tonight there's $1 draft beers at Unknown Brewery, and although "beer" isn't really an activity, I'll be drinking it with people that might want to make plans for the weekend. 



Rob said...

Isn't the misfit kind of road-ish (by dicky standards)?

dicky said...

ish... but the 38X18 is a tough one when I take it on the trails.

Although I am at the forefront of big-tired road bike technology with a 2.3 Ikon on the front.

Anonymous said...

strava is alright, but exposes "outlawed" trails... thus, trail builders don't like it all that much for it exposes tiny hidden trails.
use with discretion I guess...

Alsn said...

Hey, love the Floyd reference in the title ;-)
If you're into Strava, I thought your readers might be interested in this "Ultimate List of Strava Add Ons" that I put together?