Wednesday, October 19

Ain't no Fapfest like a Cyclofapfest Fapfest

Tonight kicks off the Charlotte Cyclofapfest '16... at least for me, it does.  In case you haven't heard, a bit of Interbike is coming to (my) town for some trade show type activities and whatnot.  It is much excite or at least as excite as I can get about such things, being that my one trip to Interbike proved that I have no business being at such things.

Me, two actual, well-respected athletes and a Kerkove photobomb.

Leading things off, I'm headed to The Spoke Easy after work for the Surly Bikes Miss Adventures Booty Loop Lapaganza.

Despite the "ONE LESS SURLY" sticker on the Fastest Bike in the World, I'm a fan of Surly.   Walt already wrote a great post about why should all love Surly, so I won't bother.  I will say that over the past many years, I've stared longingly at the 1X1, Straggler, Krampus, Karate Monkey and Steamroller.  Only after much thought and mental building do I realize that I almost already have what I want that's pretty close, and I shut everything down before I pull out my credit card.

So, yeth.  Come out and drink beer and ride bikes with the "goofs and deplorables" of The Official Intergalactic Surly Regional HQ.

Thursday and Friday are both "industry" days at the show, so I won't be there for about as many reasons as I have elbows.

1. I don't want to take PTO from work.

2. Since I'm not technically in the "industry" anymore (but could probably mebbe finagle my way in), I really have no purpose in being there... other than distract whomever it was that got me in from doing their job. 

Thursday night is the evening that Rebecca Rusch will be at South Main Cycles for a meet-and-greet.

Since I've already played bicycles the night before (and I've met-and-gret Rebecca already), I'll be staying home that night.  Also, South Main is about as far away from my house as Africa.  I'll also stay home on Friday, because Saturday (and date night).  But you should totally be there on Thursday.

The two glorious days of the actual weekend are for consumers, the equivalent of Caddy Day at the Bushwood swimming pool.

I plan on getting there super early in the morning VIA some means of transportation that doesn't put me behind the wheel of a car.  I'm looking forward to the following:

Hanging out.

Riding bikes.

Watching cyclo-rossing.

Drinking beers.

There's this part of me that wants to ride demo bikes... mebbe even a Specialized Turbo Levo E-bike (hey, I tell my kids to try a vegetable before they say it's irredeemable or disgusting).  The problem being that the part of me that wants to ride demos is smaller than the part of me that wants to stand around waiting my turn to ride a demo.  That would be how Mudman and I ended up on some Dog awful crabon Origin 8 bikes at the Southeast Bike Expo years ago, because they were the only bikes with no waiting.

I looked through the list of Cyclofapfest exhibitors, and there are more than a few that have wares I would like to sample... me and probably a thousand of my close friends.  I guess we'll see how that goes.

And then somehow, I need to get my sorry ass back across town for installment #3 of Bike Source's Fan Jam.

Beer, food, raffle, and then a ride over to Bird Song (yum yum, personal fave: Higher Ground).  Then... somehow... home.

And then, Sunday.  PBE.  Dunno how I'll feel after the whole Fan Jam thing.  It's put me in the hurt locker twice before, so the outlook is not so bueno.

But yeth, looking to have a good time for the next few days doing bike stuff that doesn't involve number plates and heavy breathing.

Mebbe just a little heavy breathing tho.

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