Tuesday, October 25

We need order here.

In retrospect, I could have Cyclofapfested much betterer, but in retrospect, I'm much better at retrospectation.

I should have taken a day off work last week and finagled my way into an "industry" day.  Without the hordes of people to play lumbering cattle with, I might have felt like taking the time to grab a demo bike or two.  Given that I would then have time to catch up with friends and make great (or not so great) bike rides over two days, not one.

I also could have came back on Sunday with a little more of an agenda.  There were fewer activities to miss out on, so perhaps I woulda spent my time doing this and not that.


I've been a very busy boy ever since that tree fell on the house.  I expected that they would already be underway with the reconstruction, but I also expect all my hair will fall out eventually.  I'm just not sure what will happen first.  Since I thought things would be moving quicker, I'd left so many things just all over the place where I thought they would only temporarily be in the interim.  Luggage, under-the-bed storage things, and FedEx crates full of clothes stacked in my bike room.  Most of my normal people clothes just tossed about in Nia's room... her room being a repository for all manner of things that were evacuated from the room that was destroyed.  99% of a tree tossed about the front yard along with a scrap of drywall here, a chunk of rafter there... shingles here and there.

So that's where my Sunday went.  It looks like we're in for a long haul, and it was time to settle in... especially since I plan on being out of town seven out of the next twelve days.

There was a time when if I was staying in a hotel for close to a week, I would still live out of my duffel bag in the corner of the room.  Eventually, it would morph and grow into a large pile that would take up more than my share of the floor space.  I've learned (over the past decade or so, mostly by example) as a semi-adult, it's best to take the time to use the dresser drawers and keep the chaos limited.

So since the tree fell two weeks ago, I've been living in the morphing pile of chaos.  Finally, the anal compulsion in me had met its limits.   I needed to find some sense of order in the madness.  Stop tripping on displaced items and wondering just what became of my wool sweaters.  Despite it being a beautiful day outside, I fought the urge to return to Cyclofapfest and turned my attention away from my bikes (well, I did wash the Durango dust off the Stickel).

What I have now is a workable solution that I can live with, for months if need be.

Which it probably will be.

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