Wednesday, January 4


La Vida Bachelor for a bit coming up.   Off to a great start thus far...

Windows 10 is the gift that keeps on giving.   Giving turds, that is.

Updating from my phone just to let you know that I'll be pretty scarce until next week.  The floors in the room that was torn off of the house back in October are being redone. That means I have to stay away from the fumes, lest I want a contact high... and cancer.

As little time as possible will be spent in the shared air there.

Looking forward to the weekend... but not the temps.  I know it's a relative thing and people will have it worse than I, but with the family gone, I'd like to be outside as much as possible riding.  Plans to ride to and spectate the Grumble in the Grundle are contigents upon... snow?


So, gotta find something to do, lest I run outta Bob's Burgers to watch in a wifi place all weekend.


Eric Gadlage said...

Snake Creek Gap 50!

Moe said...

Weather should be nice for the Snek. High of 34 and low of 18... Frozen toes and fingers abound.

dicky said...

Yuck.. and in other news.


Anonymous said...

Been eating Bob's too these past weeks, tho never binge watching. Pairing it up with Parks and Rec after seeing Offerman in a stand up show and then reading his book "Paddle Your Own Canoe". If you need a mancation you can come up north and celebrate my b-day next weekend with soup, trails, and some indoor Go Karting.



Ari said...

9 degrees yesterday. Riding was a challenge. Nice reading your blog. Maybe I should move further south.