Wednesday, February 15

What just makes that little old ant...

When UPS says "out for delivery" and it's 8:30PM, it doesn't matter if the box on the truck is basically full of something I already have and won't be using for a month or so.  My heart still hurts a little.

But she did show up at 8:34PM, so okay.

I spent way too much time looking at all the tire options last week trying to make smart choices.  I ended up sticking with the tried and true Ardent 2.4/Ardent Race 2.2 combo for this year's making of great bike race.  Oh yeah, a 27.5X2.30 Tomahawk for the rear of the By:Stickel because there is no substitute for that.

Mang, I love that tire on there.  I should probably ride this bike more.  It won't be making great bike race, but whatever.  I also threw a Minion DHF+ on the order, because although I have a prototype one already, I don't have a sponsor-friendly production model with all the acronyms on the sidewall.  I may be unprofessional, but I do what I can (that doesn't require much effort) for those that do for me.

Speaking of which, I placed this order the day before I got the invite to the Maxxis Appalachian Summit.  In case the irony is lost on you, I stuck with what I know because I was afraid to try something new.  Now I'm gonna have the opportunity to try all kinds of tires... right after I locked myself in for the "season."  I didn't quite max out my tire credit with Maxxis, so mebbe if they don't charge me for any damages at Mulberry Gap, I might get something I end up liking molar betterer.

I got out of bed on early Tuesday... because heat and dog staring at me with no eyes and sleeping against a wall because we're still not in our bedroom that was crushed by the tree and I got sick of just staring at the wall I'd hit my head against multiple times in the past so many hours.  With time on my hands and a blog already written, I went about to working on the two upside down bikes sitting in the room.  I couldn't mount fresh tires without waking up the house, so I rebuilt a bottom bracket, did a gear swap... stared at the pegboard... and fell into a rabbit hole.

Headset spacers, cassette/SS spacers, pedal washers, headset parts, bottom bracket spacers, wavy washers, headset races, seat post collars, rotor spacers... cylindrical and circular things all commingling on as many hooks as they took up on the wall.  I couldn't handle this disarray that has caught my eye more than once over the past many months.  Everything off the pegboard for the sortings.

I don't even know what some of these things are.  I mean, I have guesses based on their inner or outer diameter, but just guesses.  I have a vast supply of thin plastic washers that look like they have a 30mm ID.  Where did they come from?

Anyways, end game is to get them sorted so the next time I need "this," I'm not sorting through stacks of "that" and "the other."  Not throwing anything away tho.  Who knows when I might need fifteen 1mm thick 30mm ID washers or a super lightweight Cane Creek AER headset upper or a 34.9 Amp Research QR seat collar?

Srsly, who knows?  Please advise.

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