Wednesday, March 22

The Tour duh Charlotte '17: Part три

Same preface as the past two days.  Putting on the Tour duh Charlotte is a big team effort.  I am but a cog in the Faster Mustache machine.  My tale is the only one I can tell tho, as I only spent the entire day with myself.

After making sure I still had all the things I would not want to lose, I head over to the spectator area of the Backyard Trails stage.  Lots of happy faces under a now clear sky watching the racers finish the very last bit of competition.

photo cred: Zac Avant
Once we got everyone in, it was time for the long eight mile slog back to the Savona Mill where our day originally began.  A shitty climb up the now busy Tyvola Road and we get to the bike lane/path/good times.  I'm riding with Watts now and he quickly realizes we're on the same route as the infamous Watts Fappening.

"I want to stop at a brewery." ~ Watts

A conversation ensues about which of the seven or eight breweries that we're about to ride by is the least douchey, most convenient, has the best beer selection, and wouldn't be (terribly) crowded.  We decide on Unknown, and as we approach, we pull out of the peloton and park our bikes.  I run in, make the purchase, we see Nathan and Bill Nye riding by, snag them, and now we are four.  Finish our beers... roll in together.  Not in time for me to get in the team photo tho.

photo cred: Weldon Weaver
The scene upon arrival is amazing.  So many people.  The line for food is stretched around as far as I can see.  I've only had a slice of pizza and my handful of bacon since my breakfast at 4:30AM.  Meh, I guess beer is food too.

The rest of the evening... things got hazy.

photo cred: Erik Minman
There was that.

And some of this:

photo cred: Weldon Weaver
More people than normal stuck around until it got pretty late (late for a 47 year old).

photo cred: Weldon Weaver
Joey using the bullhorn to educate the people on all things celestial...

photo cred: Weldon Weaver

photo cred: Weldon Weaver
while I used the bullhorn to de-educate them.

Things started to thin out, and eventually it was just Zac, Kate, Watts and myself.  We had planned on sleeping... somewhere on property to kinda keep an eye on all our team stuff until cleanup the next day.  Watts, who was unable to live the  #vanlife because his van had given up on the "life" part that morning, slept in the back of his Honda Fit.  Kate, Zac, and I huddled into the open-sided shipping container and melted into a beautiful slumber.

Yes, there is more to the story coming.

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