Monday, March 13

Woops, almost did it again

I went to bed on Friday night knowing a few things.  Charlotte was expecting 3-100" of snow on Sunday.  I wanted to ride my mountain bike on actual mountain bike trails at some point.  Otherwise... life.

I knew that the best case scenario was that I would get a "real ride" in on Saturday, and no matter what, if I wanted junk miles, I could pre-ride some of the Tour duh Charlotte party pace route to get it all in my head part.  That was the very loose plan.

I woke up Saturday at 5:54AM sensing a disturbance in the force.  Sizemore, sleeping downstairs, had an "accident."  Something he is not down with at all.  His no-eye having existence had found him in a corner behind my tarck bike in an attempt to avoid his self-created situation.  He needed saved.

So, now I'm up at 6:00AM.  Time to be productive... of course, after my seven minute breakfast and 32oz of coffee.  Why not do the family grocery-getting before the masses make it hard to negotiate the aisles with all their mouth-gaping stares at all the pasta options at Trader Joes?

I'm literally home before 9:00AM with a week's worth of groceries before anyone is awake in the house.  My "chores" are done.

The Pie awakes.  We end up having one of those weird standup conversations in the kitchen with coffee. Retirement, old age, money... I say something about the money in the bank that does nothing and buying a house... which is something I never wanted to do again after our first experience.

Go downstairs, Internet, find a house around the corner that is "reasonable," given our school district and whatnot.  Talk about equity, retirement, death... college.  Send an inquiry. 

My text goes off upstairs.  There's an open house at 1:00PM.  The Pie has a lunch date already.  I was gonna ride. She cancels, and I postpone.

I head over to the house dressed to ride thinking I'll take a look and hate it, and then I'll just ride over to the Backyard Trails.  I don't hate it at all.  I text The Pie who is out on a run and tell her she needs to come look at this house.  She shows up and finds me wandering around out prospective backyard in bare feet.  We walk around and talk about where her office goes, my bikes... things.  We leave feeling strange about the world.

I head out for a ride to the Backyard Trails.  She goes home to digest.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

The Backyard's current state of change and progress.  Greenways, sewage, bridges...

the old vehicles that used to be near the trails in the woods are now just vehicles in a field by a giant greenway.

I get home and drop Nia at my mom's place so The Pie and I can have a date night which ends up being consumed with the discussion that we definitely didn't go to bed Friday with, talking about buying a house when we never thought we'd do that again.  Drink beer, watch a show... go to bed.

I wake up multiple times to see her not asleep.  Ever. Eyes that are wide open like a satellite dish.


Wake up to more discussion.  Soon to change school zones, financial futures, potential home market  bubbles...

In the end, we decide that were just not that ready to tie ourselves to that kinda thing.  We currently live debt free.  It's nice sometimes.  Okay... most of the times.

BTW: It did snow overnight on Saturday, but not a Charlotte grid-locking amount.  Is cold tho.  Wet roads.  Meh.  I now need a reason to leave the house to get exercise.

I piddled about in my bike room (more later), and reached out VIA Facebook looking for someone to join me on a semi-bullshit route around the Tour duh Charlotte course.   Brian B was the only one to agree that it was not a terrible idea.

I packed my things.

We got a strangely nice ride in.  We discussed the oddity of it all at one point. 

Ask me to go on a 40 mile road bike ride?  No.

Ask me to fuck around all over town on a mountain bike?  Yeth.  And please.

Brian playing deflated basketball garbage can hoops at egg/beer stop #2.

Most of the route completed, we stopped at Triple C for a beer (on the way) and Birdsong (less on the way, but okay).  Brian harassed Eastwood VIA text that we were stopping by to interrupt his life for beer, but he only had a life and no beer.

He was playing street rules Uno, so okay.

And then home before the new dark hour in time to realize I haven't shaved in a week but could probably get another day before someone says something.

One week until Tour duh Charlotte.

Generally speaking, it was a good weekend.  One that will be remembered as the one where we almost accidentally bought a house.  If I would have just went to Wilson's Creek, this whole thing could have been avoided.

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