Thursday, April 6

Bad News, Good News (but not in equal portions)

Leaving town for a few days.  I'll have some stuff to push out next week.  I think.

Pretty crushing news hearing about Steve Tilford yesterday.  I know a lot of you read his blog, because his space on the internet is the most frequent place you go when you leave here by a landslide (according to stats).  His honest and very real talk was constantly refreshing.  I'd just as soon read about him coming in third at some random crit I'd never heard of as I would see how he patches a roof or fixes the brakes on his van or read about that one time when Greg Lemond tried to buy him hockey skates.

He was already the shit when I first started really getting into cycling, and up until the very end, he was the quintessential journeyman of our sport.

A devastating reminder to live every day to its fullest.

Awkward segue...

And, because this is timely information you should know, Carborocket has launched it's new Rocket Red.

Sorry, beg pardon.

If you're a believer in the science of beet doping (you can do your own googling), this would be a good thing to put in you. 

Four beets in each serving.  As someone who used to make their own beet juice, let me tell you this:

* A four beet a day habit would be expensive.
* Making four beets worth of juice would be time consuming
* Choking back four beets that have been liquefied in a blender with enough of some kinda juice to help make it not taste like dirt would be a Herculean effort.

So, special introductory rate of $33 (will be normally $44) and free shipping right now.  Go here and get some.


fletch said...

i think your segue was a little insensitive.

dicky said...

Admittedly so tho. I was leaving town and had no idea how long the Carbo Rocket deal was going on for. It felt wrong to not acknowledge Steve's passing, but I also wanted to share the other news.

Most everyone I can think of had already known about Steve, and this was not new information being introduced.

Anonymous said...

opps, just noticed you posted Steve Tilfords death here... man o man... just never know what is going to happen in life eh... one minute he is recovering from a bike injury next he's dead. Loved reading his blog... he had so much passion for cycling.