Tuesday, April 11

Make Molar Batter

I knew I "needed" to ride on Sunday, but coming in whenever on Saturday evening and not really hoping to make my own plan or think, I just posted something weak in a local Facebook group looking for company.

I woke up the next day to no response.  Whatever.  I had put the rigid frok back on the Vertigo hoping to keep the Step Cast fjork outta any Ohio salt mess it might get exposed to up there.  32 X 18 greenway cruising gear.  The stem from the Stickel is on my tarck bike with the carbon bars from my Blackburn Mega Pumper floor pump... and I don't feel like doing anything much to make a ride happen.

I'll probably just go to Steve's Place and self-flagellate myself with too tall of a gear and too rigid a frok.

But then Mills hits the message on FB, asks if I want to go to Dupont.  I text.  I call.  He calls back.

"Can you be ready in ten minutes?"

This is why I'm always in a hurry, because it's good practice for when you need to be in a hurry.  I don't want to take a rigid 32X18 to DuPont today, but with ten minutes to get all my shit in a bag and brush my teeth?


He scoops me up and tells me were actually going to some cabin where the local Rocky Mountain rep, Adam is meeting some other people.  We'll probably be late.   They will probably have left already.

I probably don't care.  At least I'm going somewhere and doing something.

We pull into the cabin, and I see Brado's bike on the back of a car.  Walk up to the cabin, ubiquitous Derek is there.  So is Cheap Bastardson and his wife, Jackie... because it's their cabin.  The only person that I didn't know is Howie.  Now I do.

Small world, indeed.

We head out on Bill Murray Trail and into the forest.

photo cred: Brado

photo cred: Brado

photo cred: Brado
It was one of the best days I've had on a bike in a long time with a crew I never would have considered assembling.  I knew some of the trails I was on here and there with little idea as to how I got there, how much longer we'd be riding, and how to get back to where I started.

It was also a pleasant reminder, riding a bike on the kinda trails I had in mind when it was envisioned.  The Vertigo in its normal arrangement truly shone, and my thumb problem went to the back of my head and my rhomboid (AKA, my new hobby) felt better when I got off the bike than it did when we started.

Such a good day...  thanks, friends.

But despite all that, I think I gotta mess with one more thing on my bike before the rubbing turns into racing.  Gonna add somewhere in the neighborhood of a quarter to a half pound to the bike... mebbe by summer, a whole half pound.  Whatever.  I think it will improve things .7%, so that's a number, and... math.

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