Wednesday, May 31

'17 Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic: Part One

The night before the first stage, I ate an entire plate of nachos at the Happy Valley Brewing Co that probably woulda served four... because at least two people said I couldn't do it. 

photo cred: Chris M
The theme of stupidity thusly commenced.

Woke up with food sweats and cotton mouth in the morning.  No regrats.

Stage One.  Big Poe We Go.

Line up sorta towards the front but not really because I miss my honorary TSE Vet call up.  From the gun, I work my way up to first place single speed, but shortly thereafter, Evan and Matt come around as expected.   I get into the first single track section in third place, but my legs... hmmm?  They're not with me.

They're still buried under a mountain of fatigue from the Pisgah 111k four days prior.  I feel like I'm still fit, but they don't wanna do what I'm asking of them.  Scott comes around.  Good.  Now mebbe I won't feel the pressure to perform today.  Fourth place is still in the hunt.  Then Joël comes around.  I stumble on a rock section I've ridden a thousand times in the past because the camera people are there.  Meh.  Watts and Spohn pass me as well.  Shit.  At least I catch Scott back, so mebbe okay?

I end up in no man's land on the long fire roads.  I can see Watts and Spohn ahead.  I can see Scott and Dan behind.  I can't close the gap in front of me, and my legs still telling me to piss up a rope when I ask if we might go a bit faster.  Shitty shit.

I ease up a bit, and Dan and Scott roll up on me.  We chat.  So far, we've covered almost 18 miles of trail and road at an average pace approaching 15mph.  In a stage race.  Only to be in a sub par position in the field.  A cross country speed that, barring a mishap up front, will see us beating each other's dicks off for sixth, seventh and eighth place single speed.  I propose a truce.

"We could just ride all week together, drink beer, and have fun."



And like that, we decided that we would have the most fun anyone has ever had at the Trans-Sylvania Epic.

We spent the rest of the day allowing everyone in our group to do what they did best, and we'd regroup whenever it seemed to be sorta logical.  It was a glorious day in the woods playing bikes with friends.  Later that evening, with much excite, we invite Watts and Doug to join in on the non-tryers club the rest of the week.

They accepted the offer with very little hesitation.  The next four stages, we would be a team of five working towards no real particular goal other than finishing and having a most bueno time.

photo cred: Chris M

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